May 31, 2007

Skirt 24

Running away from it all... I dream about it!

Another mini-skirt. I bought this skirt last winter at United Colors of Benetton. It was part of a suit, but I thought the jacket was too boxy and too expensive. The skirt is super-cute by itself, and it was on sale. It's a wool blend, but I thought I could pull it off today because it's so cloudy... again.

Today's skirt is just like Skirt 11, except it's charcoal gray with black and brown tweed. There are six buttons in the front, and it's got a little more flow to it. When I wear leggings, flats and short skirts I feel like Degas dancer. A colleague told me I looked like a school girl.

I ♥ iPhoto

I spent today in a perpetual state of WTF?
At least the sun came out.
Ugh! Do you ever have days like this?

It's a new exhibition... It's not rocket science.
I just don't get it, or perhaps I don't want to.

Later that night close to midnight, the skirt shot of the day arrived. Donna Huanca drove in from Houston to install her piece.

It's amazing. A great piece...
Great skirt.

Come check it out for yourself...
World View: diverse artists' approaches

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