May 14, 2007

Skirt 11... May 14

This is getting harder. This morning I didn't know which skirt I was going to wear today. Originally, I had a different one picked out.

Again... it's Monday. It's casual at the office, so I opted for a very short pleated skirt. I have to wear leggings, it's so short. It's olive green, made of very soft, fine corduroy. It's comfy, but I feel like a teenager should be wearing it. I don't give it up though. In fact, I've already had it repaired for a tear in one of the back pleats. It was cheap enough. Bought it at Old Navy a while ago... $6.99.

I couldn't really get into today's skirt. I got some compliments on it from some high school girls. This skirt just isn't me. Maybe I'll take it out tonight?

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