May 25, 2007

Skirt 20 In Almost 24 Hours...

24 Hour Art Blast at the Dallas Contemporary

Dallas Contemporary is hosting it's 24 Hour Art Blast & Party. It started at noon today (5.25.07) and will go until noon tomorrow (5.26.07). There will be three exhibitions at 12 noon, 8 pm and 4 am tomorrow. There are art projects, food, music, yoga, Capoeira demonstrations and skirts!

(It's busy here, so I will update Skirt 19 and 20 this weekend!)

I almost forgot... today's skirt is utilitarian. Perfect for 24 hours. It was expensive, I bought it with my first real paycheck in 2003. The brand is sanctuary. I love the design of the skirt. It has lots of tucks, bows, pockets and it's made of the most awesome cotton. It's so soft and worn. Unfortunately, it's not that well constructed. It's coming apart at a seam in the back. I know I'm probably the only person that knows this, but it really bothers me. I haven't fixed it since it ripped three years ago, therefore I hardly ever wear this skirt.


1 pm

2 pm

3 pm

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12 am

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I'm sleep... couldn't do it... I tried, but I've been up since 8 am yesterday morning. That's all I had in me.

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