October 18, 2010

New Projects...

My goodness, it's been so long since I've posted anything. I almost forgot how to log in!
PreK's mess from earlier today. I went to graduate school to wash dishes...
Of course, this thought totally makes me smile. 
I've been busy working, of course. I teach art at an elementary school here in Dallas. This is my fourth week on the job, and I feel like I am starting to get the hang of it. I'm almost afraid to say that, because as soon as I do, something is bound to happen. But life's like that, eh?

It's been quite a bit of work - getting the room sorted, organized, all the while teaching 650 students every week. It's challenging trying to keep up with everything. This afternoon I left work early (4 p.m., as opposed to 6:30 p.m.) and I am extremely proud of myself. However, I can't quite shake this feeling that I am forgetting something?

Which brings me to Project #1.
I joined a gym, and it's amazing. It has a pool, and I have been drawing such inspiration from swimming. I am swimming in a pool with lanes! This is the first time in my life that I have ever done this! I am thrilled beyond words and love the calming effect of the water. I wish I could take a picture of the pool, but I don't think that's allowed. It's decorated in a monochromatic color scheme of blue with lots of triangles overhead. I hope to share it on my blog in someway, but that way has not yet come to me... Swimming is pure joy. By the way, I have already lost 8 lbs. When I came back to the US, I noticed that my clothes were a bit snug around the waist line. Way too uncomfortable for my taste.

Project #2
I started running with some girlfriends, and I am loving the exercise and the camaraderie.

Couch to 5K(C25K) is a great app, along with many others that I am quite fond of...
I'm not sure which 5K I will run, but the good news here is that I AM RUNNING! REGULARLY! It's kind of nice.

Project #3
We have been in our new home for about two and a half weeks now. We still have things in boxes and rooms with no furniture, but creating a home is a fun project. To help get things going, I am taking part in the 20/20 Home Cure from ApartmentTherapy.com

If you haven't checked out this book, do it. It's a great resource for managing and creating a home. It's a very easy read and makes a lot of sense. I think it's the ease with which Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan writes and his holistic point of view... and he used to be a teacher. A teacher, folks! Gotta love that, I know I do!

And finally, Project #4...

This is something that I've been wanting to blog about for a while. I thought I would blog it on September 1, then October 1, then October 10 for 10.10.10. But today is just as good as any of those days. And it's big... HUGE!
Read: 101, and not 10. 1. 
This past August while we were in Belgium, I became quite depressed about the prospect of moving back to Texas. It's great to be home, but it's been quite an adjustment.


It's the same, but different.

I'm different. 

I'm different in a myriad of ways. Living in Belgium was such a wonderful experience. It opened my eyes in an incredible way and I learned and grew so much as a person.  I don't feel like I can really relay this to many people without coming off as a Europhile. I know my friends won't think that, but it's something that I am still trying to process, especially as I find myself back in my "home" context. I am totally experiencing culture shock, but I'm getting through it. New projects and goals are an excellent way to continue personal growth, and I love, love, LOVE projects.

That's why I wrote 101 goals to achieve in 1001 days, which was done with the help of a wonderful website and idea:  

I love the subtitle:
Plan. Create. Motivate. Achieve.

It's similar to my personal mantra...

I will share my 101 goals, and personal mantra, here on this blog, and I will update and post on a more regular basis as I work through to accomplish them. But, I am human, and because I am human, I feel I must write that I will fail, just so you know...  I am not starting these projects with the intent of failing, but failure is inevitable and part of life.

In any case, I can't tell you how excited I am! I will accomplish quite a bit, and I'm excited to see what these next 1001 days will bring me.