May 11, 2007

Skirt 10

I like Skirt X: it’s comfortable and I love the detail. The body of the skirt is A-line, made of white lightweight cotton with black embroidery and appliquéd chiffon flowers.
As I was driving to work this morning, I realized that my mom bought me this skirt about two years ago for no particular reason--just because that’s what moms do. Happy Mother’s Day!

I tried something different in the photobooth at Chuy's. Someone recognized me and called me out on it later that weekend.

Check out my girls, we are all wearing skirts!

Later at a banquet at the Petroleum Club on the 69th floor of the neon green buidling.

There's a life inside her. Amazing! It's a boy.

Anna at Marty Walker... waiting to go.

Looking at today's photos makes me realize and appreciate the great support my friends give me. Today was tiring and somewhat "poopie." I think I'm just exhausted.
A highlight was hanging out with girlfriends from high school at Barbara's Pavillion. Good times singing to MJ, Madonna, Olivia, Dolly and Kenny.

When I came home tonight there was a letter from my brother...
Made my day.

x o x o

1 comment:

Lauren said...

today was the day of many enjoyable skirt adventures.

i hope that kid who thinks i'm her mom doesn't call me on mother's day.

(call me)