May 5, 2007

Bitchen Skirt!

Skirts. Skirts. Skirts.

My skirt and I worked an event this morning at the Nasher. It wasn't that crowded and misting softly, so I went for a walk in the garden. Learned that the folds in the front and back are actually called kick pleats

Later that day... lunch at Murray Street. Always satisfying.

The bitchin' red skirt is artist Katie Pell's. She is standing next to her piece Bitchen Stove, part of her exhibition at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary. This show is awesome. Check it out.
Very cool stuff, if you like fur lined, tricked-out household appliances.

Later that night... homemade burritos & margaritas, night walks and Barbarella with friends.



verboten said...

outfits and sex is what it is all about.

douglas said...

what a great project! thanks for sharing.