May 9, 2007

Skirt 8, May 9

Yeah, I know the pic is a little out of focus... that's how I feel this AM.

Today's skirt feels like a "wannabe professional" skirt on so many levels. I bought this at Marshall's when I was a first year middle school teacher. Marshall's is usually hit or miss, but the price is always right... cheap cheap cheap.

First, the waist is elastic AND it has a zipper?
Second, the waist sits higher than my belly-button, which makes the skirt fit awkwardly. If it weren't for this slit up the side, I would feel like a total dork. Hot, huh?
The fabric is weird, it feels so unnatural! It's made of 59% rayon, 38% polyester and 3% spandex. I used to think this print was kind of funky, but the design is printed on the fabric. I could probably peel it away if I scratched it.

I'm making do with what I have and learning why I hold on to things. I don't have an answer for today's skirt. I can't explain my attachment.

Four people said I looked nice today, but this skirt is definitely NOT a keeper. I felt like Urkel in heels. Seriously, the waist sat at least 4” above my bellybutton. It’s too big in the hips.

In the car I accidentally got a close up of the “funky” pattern. I like it. It’s my homage to Bridget Riley.

I bought a piece of art today. I’m standing in front of it. The artist, Aqsa Shakil is a friend and beautiful person. I love it! It reminds me of March, meeting Aqsa in NYC, falling in the snow and losing myself in the moment.

Later that night, I bid another one of my friends adieu as she will be out of the country all summer, chasing alpacas and digging up bones in Peru. That girl is wicked smart. I’m really proud of her. I will miss you! Be safe and hurry home.

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