May 23, 2007

Skirt 19 - The Spice

My homage to Judy Chicago... (close-up of the kick-pleat)

Today's skirt is a basic light weight khaki, cotton A-line skirt from Ann Taylor. It has kick-pleats in the front and the back, hits at the knee, but has no pockets. I really like pockets. I like the texture of the fabric: it's quite linear.

Someone said I should "spice things up a bit." I'm open to suggestions BUT it is a khaki skirt. I've accessorized with peacock earrings, I'm wearing a tube top, but I usually don't write about these things in Skirt Project.

So, how can I spice up Skirt Project? I'm thinking...
But how? when I have a life to live, and work to do...
Should I include: more exotic locations?
interesting props?
popular people?
risque photos?
It's just not my style. It could just be that most of my skirts are conservative. OR it could just be that I am in a rut this week. who knows... everyone is allowed to have an off week, even if they are wearing skirts.

Here is a poem I wrote for today's skirt


BAM! there's your spice.

My co-worker Em and I worked hard last night.
We had to put our working shoes on! We were moving art, putting vinyl up on the walls, and getting ready for the big event!

We stayed late, but I left at 7 to go check out my big screen debut at the Angelica. Em left around 10:30 and got into a car accident later that night. She is in the hospital, getting surgery on her wrist. "It's bojangled."

Poor thing, she's missing her first event that she's ever planned. It's gonna be great, but it won't be the same without her.

Get well soon Em! I miss you!

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