September 25, 2008

Pink & Red

The great thing about teaching pre-school, besides the hugs and cuddles, the arts and crafts, is that I can color coordinate my outfits to our daily activities!
The firemen came yesterday and that event called for R E D !
I didn't wear a skirt, because of the kids and all.

What a heroic outfit!

So many accessories!

Whoa! Waterworks!

Later that night, at the wire crochet workshop at Beading Dreams...

My work in progress:

I finished my bracelet and got so many compliments today!

Today, we finger painted pigs with brown paint to make them dirty, so I wore pink and brown. I don't have a pic of the finished project, but they were cute!

Mmmmm. Pork & cupcakes! (pink & brown)

I can't wait for my cake decorating class!!!

September 23, 2008

Seer Sucker Tuesday

Hoo-ray for seer sucker!

Wenlan Chia has a new book out:

She was at the Woolie Ewe today, so I went to meet and greet her. Check out this nifty skirt you can make! This ain't your grandmother's knitting.

Later that day, at Central Trak:

in front of Faith Gay's work with Moc Moc.

This is for my friend Marianne...

Not bad!

Stick 'em Up!

There's a new sheriff in town. She's a mean, lean, glue gunning machine!

Speaking of new, I have a new skirt on today. I know, I know... I shouldn't have.
But I did, and it was only $10 at Anthropologie! Can you imagine? I didn't think you could buy anything there for $10!

P.S. It's seersucker! Hoo ray!

September 22, 2008

Weekend Warrior

What a weekend for crafting! Sheesh! I'm pooped. And I have three more events this week! I shouldn't complain, cause that's totally not cool.
Project #1
Saturday, I went to a book signing and workshop at Make studio.

Here are some of the materials that we used: vintage finds.

I made a necklace and some earrings. They are not my style to wear, but they were fun to make, and you never know. Maybe I will wear them...

Project #2
Inspired by a recent shopping jaunt to North Park, I came across these beautiful pins at J. Crew. They are gorgeous, and so expensive! ($45 - 65).

This is tonight's project for Craft Night, so I had to do a trail run. I sat down with some girlfriends and pumped these out with vinyl, felt and a glue gun.

Not bad... but I can't wait to make more tonight!

Project #3
And finally, Paper Source had it's first event and class last night, and boy was it fun!

We made embossed tote bags, postcards, and made a travel portfolio. I learned so many techniques in this class, won a paper making kit and had a great time!

My postcard and stamping project...

Write soon y'all!

September 18, 2008

ReadyMade Lamp at the DMA

The latest issue of ReadyMade magazine, which I covet.

Staff from ReadyMade came down to Dallas to give a workshop and lecture on DIY cultlre and materials. I started a lamp tonight inspire by Frank Ghery

Easy Edges Wiggle Side Chair. Photo: Courtesy of Frank O. Gehry & Associates. From the Guggenheim website.

Another sneak peak of the project that the DMA will have for Late Night tomorrow. This totally reminds me of my youth. When I was little there was this great book that I LOVED to check out from the library. It was a book with simple drawings that illustrated how to make a dollhouse out of cardboard... Dreams revisited that were never realized...
My cardboard dream house!

September 17, 2008


I'm all stob-ed up today. I can't see straight, or get the picture to save horizontally.

September 16, 2008


The wheels on the bus go round and round...

And on it goes...
How do you like my $2 dress? It's lel-lo! We made school busses today. The wheels turn. I started another paint by numbers painting today.

September 15, 2008

International Wear a Dress Week

My hard work paid off! Moc Moc's mama brought me an outfit from NYC! I wore it today because the weather was perfect today: cool and sunny! Incidentally, after reading A Dress A Day, I realized that this Monday kicks off International Wear a Dress Week. And, as promised I finished my clown. Here are some pics by my friends showcasing my dress and my painting, entitled CoCo the Clown. Did anyone else watch the LifeTime movie Coco Chanel this past weekend?

Jayna's pic:

Gen's pic:

Leslie's pic:

After day 1, here's the score:
Creativity: 2 things today!
Woo-hoo! I'm winning!

Do Something Creative Everyday

Skirt Project is changing a little bit. As you've probably gathered, I have not been wearing skirts as often. Different times call for different measures. I'm changing, my style is changing, and so is the weather this morning!
Fall feels like it's here!!!

Anyway, I'm challenging myself, yet again, to
do something creative everyday. Sound easy?
Between three jobs, sleep and this cold that I'm fighting off, I'm not so sure...

September 14, 2008

Weekend Skirt

I spent the week with Moc Moc, seen there in the lower left. She's so cute. Such a sweetie, and she hasn't left my lap all weekend. We were weathering the storm together. Her mama is out of town, and she has great taste in colors, patterns and skirts! (I think it's rubbed off on me...) Here she is modeling the new skirt she got at Anthropologie.

I bought some new rain boots and rocked 'em all weekend!

I didn't take pics in the rain, I didn't want to get my camera wet.

I also learned a new skill:
Silk Knotting with Pearls

It's so easy, and I love the yellow thread! I always tend to stay pretty monochromatic in my designs, but I love the way the color pops!

My paint-by-numbers clown is nearly finished, I should be able to show it off tomorrow. AND
Check out The Fabled Needle blog for her musings on her thrift store finds this weekend. I also thrifted, but did not buy a skirt. I bought a bright mustard yellow dress for two whole dollars!

Anyway, back to blogging. There is another person out there who shares my love of skirts!
Check out A Dress A Day for her top ten reasons why skirts are better than pants.


September 9, 2008

craft night... sh!# happens

Skirt of the day:

This cute green and white seersucker number belongs to one of my new friends, age 4. I love the embroidered pink flamingos. I think they add a sweet touch. It's no secret that I haven't been wearing skirts these days. It's just so much easier to wear shorts with the little ones.

Trips to Michael's are so much sweeter with Baskin Robins next door!

one scoop mint chocolate chip in a cone, please!

Craft Night
Last night was Craft Night at Murray Street.
We embroidered!

This is Shannon's piece, it's green of course!

This is Jayna's sweet birdie T shirt.

Marianne's embroidered embellishments:

And because I have a problem finishing projects, my bunny rabbit T shirt.

Sh!# happens! Especially in my job!

I'm still working on my paint-by-number clown... At least I finished my T shirt. I wonder what I'll make for the next project?

September 3, 2008

Paint by Number Skirt

I heart Google! Earlier this morning I typed in "paint by number skirt" and look what came up!

This is a skirt off of Etsy by katinkapinka, a seller right here in Texas! It's from 2007 and totally too bad, because I love it!

The fabric is tres chic and upon further investigation, I found out that it's by textile designer Erin Michael. Apparently she designs for Moda fabrics and this line will be available in December! I am sooo excited!

Wow, wow, wow!

September 2, 2008

Paint By Numbers

This is my work in progress:

it's called Happy Clown.

I am really interested in paint by numbers, I find it both fun and monotonous. I did a little research on the subject and found a really interesting link on the subject. It's from an exhibition at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Can you believe that? It's really interesting, informative, and a beautiful website as well. Simple.
Click here to learn more about the exhibition from 2001.

Digging a little deeper, I was introduced to the art work of Trey Speegle. I really enjoy his work, it inspires me.

Trey Speegle, Let Him Go, 2008
26 x 38"
acrylic on vintage paint-by-number panels

Trey Speegle, What Are You Waiting For? (unfinished), 2006-2007
diptych, 46" x 60" each
acrylic paint, silkscreen ink on canvas
Private Collection

I hope to have Happy Clown finished by next Monday.

September 1, 2008

September Skirt

It's the first of September, a great day for new beginnings. I have been lounging all weekend in my Madras Skirt that I bought the other day. One thing I did not do this weekend is work, but maybe it would have been better if I had...

I did some shopping this weekend; dropped some $$ on make-up at Neimans, bought some blue jeans, and too much wine. My favorite store these days has to be Whole Earth Provision Company. It's really a lifestyle store, and I love the sense of adventure that this store evokes in me; I ran through the store racking up my wish list for my trip in December. They carry great books and I create my library list by perusing their titles. There is a big sale going on, and there were LOTS of skirts, but I was really drawn to this Paint-By-Number Kit, and it's this purchase that I'm most excited about! I'm curious about art therapy, and this seems like the diversion and therapy I need these days. I started on it right away, and I have to admit I'm hooked.

You can't tell from the picture, but my set contains 8 vintage masterpieces. Yay!

I hung out with some great girlfriends, and went to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona today. These events were really inspiring and I have a clearer vision of somethings I want for my future, they can be summed up here in this photograph.

And now for some predictions:

1) I will travel again, and soon. Paris is definitely in the future...
2) I will have a space of my own to work and create

Another predictable photograph:

This picture is from last week's lunch with my father. It reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud:

Wayne Thiebaud, Pies, 1961
Oil on canvas, 22 x 28
Collection of Harry W. and Mary Margaret Anderson
Art © Wayne Thiebaud/Licensed by VAGA. New York, NY

3) creating is in my future (painting, writing, and photographs)
4) and so are cakes!