December 1, 2013

The First

The first photo of #Belgianbeeradvent 

June 14, 2013

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

It's been a whirlwind couple of days. I went for two days to Manchester, England by plane and train. Today from Belgium, I leave for the south of France (I have always wanted to say that) by automobile. I'm going on my first European road trip.

I'll be back next Saturday to post photos, details and projects.

Au revoir!

June 10, 2013

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, my best friend and I had a wedding celebration.
It was a hot day in Dallas, Texas. One of the happiest days of my life. 

We had pie. 

We had art installed.

We had family and friends there. 

We had a mariachi trio.

We had Mickey hands.
It was pretty much perfect.

June 9, 2013

Make 52: Week 11

This past week has kept me busy cleaning and organizing. I was able to make a few things. They may not be much to look at, but they were delicious to eat.

11. A. Vegetarian tacos and homemade guacamole.
I made the guacamole just how I remember it from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - avocado with chopped cucumbers and fresh garlic. The taco mixture is corn, red beans, sauteed onions and flacons de soja (TVP). 
 11.B. Ladies' Night Mac and Cheese
I made this with a friend Wednesday night. We used this recipe as a guide - cutting the amount of butter and milk by half. Then we watched Pretty Woman on Flemish TV. It was a good night!
 11. C. Fried eggs x 4.
I'm working on it. 
11.D. A little bit of this, a little bit of that carrot salad.
I had about 8 carrots that needed to be used in my fridge. It took about an hour to grate them all. Then I added a few raisins and some chopped dates for sweetness, olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt, pepper, and the tiniest bit of mayonnaise. I think a little bit of fresh ginger would also go really well with this. 

365 Photos: Days 154 - 160

Am I all caught up now?
Day 154: Monday, June 3
KU Leuven doctors' waiting room.
Getting my eyes checked. 
Day 155: Tuesday, June 4
Ik hou van mijn snoepjes.
"I love my candy."
Especially the Haribo variety.
Day 156: Wednesday, June 5
"Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes..." 
My heart was heavy this day.
Day 157: Thursday, June 6
Leffe at the city library? Don't mind if I do.
Day 158: Friday, June 7
Such lovely weather this past week! I had to get out and soak up some rays. 

Day 159: Saturday, June 8
This guy has been hanging around the Leuven market for a few weeks now. I finally saw the spectacle for myself. 

Day 160: Sunday, June 9
New knitting project!

June 8, 2013

365 Photos: Days 147 - 153

Day 147: Monday, May 27
Sunny sewing on the terrace today. 
Day 148: Tuesday, May 28
Coming home to Leuven from Brussels. I'm lucky to pass through the center of town almost every day. 
Day 149: Wednesday, May 19
Getting organized.
Day 150: Thursday, May 30
After 8 pm in Leuven. The shops are closed and the sun is still shining. 
Day 151: Friday, May 31
BAEF official tie.
Day 152: Saturday, June 1
Shopping in Antwerp. 
Day 153: Sunday, June 2
The rubber band popped off of the floss cards like that, so I thought I would stage a picture. 

June 7, 2013

365 Photos: Days 140 - 146

Day 140:  Monday, May 20
Tu as fait les exercises?
~ Oui, j'ai fait les exercises.
Studying for my French exam. 
Day 141: Tuesday, May 21
Finally finished reading Brave New World
Hope to write about it here on the blog. 
Day 142: Wednesday, May 22
Wearing my lucky charms and my favorite shirt for my exam. I needed all the help I could get. 
Day 143: Thursday, May 23
Amigurumi animals at my favorite store in all of Europe.
Day 144: Friday, May 24
A lovely day in Leuven, ends with a short cut through the Kruidtuin (Botanical Garden).
Day 145: Saturday, May 25
Pool Party in Paal, where we started singing 'Mexican Lucky'.
Day 146: Sunday, May 26
Tiger bike on laundry day. 

365 Photos: Days 133 - 139

Day 133: Monday, May 13
I was on my way back 'home'.
Day 134: Tuesday, May 14
Yay! I'm home! 
Boo! Jet lag.
Day 135: Wednesday, May 15
Quick trip to Cologne, Germany to see a dear friend
Day 136: Thursday, May 16
Enjoying my favorite tea from the US. 
Day 137: Friday, May 17
Stoemp and salad - mostly made from our student veggie bag. 
Day 138: Saturday, May 18
Leuven Stadhuis (town hall) in early evening light.
Day 139: Sunday, May 19
Drinkwaterstraat in Leuven at dusk.

June 6, 2013

365 Photos: Days 126 - 132

Day 126: Monday, May 6 
I spent the day shopping with my mom. We may have gone here twice in one day.
Day 127: Tuesday, May 7
Sick selfie on a sunny day. Just after my interview. 
Day 128: Wednesday, May 8
At last! A pedicure!
 In the end, I was too scared to go with sparkly aqua and just ended up getting a nice safe nude color. 
Day 129: Thursday, May 9
Horchata - the only think my stomach could tolerate that week.
Why yes! That is a tiny Converse key chain!
Day 130: Friday, May 10
Naomi and Daniel get married!
Day 131: Saturday, May 11
This pretty much sums up my day - driving and and going out in Dallas later that night.
Day 132: Sunday, May 12
Mother's Day
Me and my mommy.

365 Photos: Days 119 - 125

Day 119: Monday, April 29
Laundry day with a book
This day I read with a pen and pencil.
Day 120: Tuesday, April 30
All packed up and ready to go! 
Day 121: Wednesday, May 1
Hello North America!
Day 122: Thursday, May 2
Day 123: Friday, May 3
It's been 9 months... Just get in and go. 
Day 124: Saturday, May 4
Steph's most excellent crow pose in Klyde Warren Park
Day 125: Sunday, May 5
Taco therapy on Cinco de Mitro Mayo.