May 1, 2015

8 Years

Pretty sky + pretty blossoms.
No filter.
Eight years ago I set up real estate over here on the internet. This space is still mine, and occasionally I still visit. I'm in a very different place in my life now than I was when I started Skirt Project. It would be fun to compare, but I am in bed typing this on my ipad with my seven-and-a-half month daughter sleeping next to me. How times have changed! I hope to write that post soon. 

I've thought about it, and my reasons for writing this blog today are different than the reason I started this blog eight years ago. I still have too much crap, but I have even more experiences to share. Today I wear pants daily, but I still own a few skirts. In fact, I still have many of the original 60(!). Sixty skirts! But skirts were never the main focus of this story, at least that's how I feel.

Eight years later, I am most proud that my personal creed of "Give, Love, Create," is still the same. And, I find it funny that I am still "Last-Minute Lydia."  Though it's harder to get to these days, this blog is still here waiting for me to pick up wherever I last left off, and that's a nice feeling. That's why I like this space so much. 

Today I want to celebrate this space before it becomes tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to DO IT! (My newest personal creed). I want to GIVE thanks for this blog and the creative outlet it has given me in the past. I LOVE writing and sharing my experiences. I want to CREATE my own path in life, and find the joy in the every day experience of living life. 

The cherry blossom picture is just a placeholder for now. It was taken in the yard of a school down the street from where I live here in Göteborg, Sweden. It's still cold here, but since a few weeks ago spring has definitely sprung!