September 13, 2011

To Post or to Clean... That is the Question.

The past two days have brought on the following excitement:
  • The bird
  • Lessons with colors and lines
  • Missoni for Target
Jon comes home tomorrow, so I must clean this house! I promise to catch up on these posts later this week, most likely Thursday night.

Have a great day!
Times Square, New York. May, 2011

September 12, 2011

Over the Weekend...

Blue and yellow - a nice color combination. Chicago. July 2011. 
Jon, aka Mr. Wonderful, has been out of town on business this past week. He's in China, on his way to the Great Wall as I write this post. I miss him so much. But while he's been gone, I've spent more time with my girlfriends than I have in a long time, which has been amazing and so much fun! I'm going to make a point to hang out more with my female friends from now on. They're just too great not to.

I discovered that my camera cord is not communicating with my camera, so I am unable to upload any pictures from the weekend. I wanted to write about a skirt that I wore for Girls Night Out on Saturday, but the colorful photo from a trip to Chicago sums up my outfit. I'll save the skirt for another time.

In 2005 - 2006, I worked as an intern at the Dallas Museum of Art. There were nine of us; all working for peanuts, but following our dreams. I never would have thought that these ladies would be some of my very best friends six years later. Saturday, we got together to celebrate six years of friendship. We talked about the past, the present and the future. Six years later some of us are married, have children, have completed our Master's degrees, and have lived in foreign countries. Some still work in museums, some of us don't. These ladies are amazing - talented, intelligent and beautiful, and I am so lucky to know them. It was an impromptu get together, but we made a time capsule that we're supposed to open six years from now. How cool is that?

Sunday was September 11. I will never forget.
Poster graffiti.  Brooklyn. May 2011

September 10, 2011

Nine. Ten. Eleven

This is how my pie turned out.

Nine. Ten. Eleven. Seems like a good date to start blogging again. I took a break with the intentions of coming back soon... But then soon turned into almost seven months. 

I felt like I had nothing new or interesting to offer the world wide web. Maybe I still don't, but who cares? 

I'll be honest, my old friend 'Self Doubt' came back to visit and stayed for a while. Working and coming back to Dallas, adjusting to life as it happens, just made me want to recoil and figure it all out. 

But guess what? I still don't have it figured out, but my life is good and happy. 

I am in very much in love. 
I still take pictures with the same small camera.
I have a job that I love - it's different everyday and allows me to be creative. 
I still make things.
I still travel. 
I have great friends.
I have a loving family.
I have goals and projects that I am working on.
I still wear skirts. 

I like my life,
And I want to write about it all right here.