May 21, 2007

Skirt 17

Skirt 17 has to be the OLDEST skirt in my closet. I bought it in the 1990's at the Dillard’s outlet, must have been '96 or '97. It's one of my longer skirts, A-line, and hits right at my ankles. It's made of a silk and linen blend, which gives it a nice sheen, but wrinkles easily.

As I go through my skirts, it's funny what I remember. I remember the prices of the skirts. I paid $6.00 for this skirt, and I actually bought two, the other is sitting in my sewing basket (I think). It's a darker gray, reminds me of wet clay. By the way, is it gray or grey? I chopped off the bottom so that I could have a mini skirt, never got around to hemming it up... like so many of my projects... started but never finished... hope I finish Skirt Project.


Skirt 17 and I went to the high school in Pleasant Grove that I speak so fondly of... We're writing a grant for this crazy idea I had. I want to build a large scale chess set in their courtyard. The pieces would be about three feet tall or so... Why? Because these kids play chess, they know chess. It's part of their school's culture, but you wouldn't think it to walk these halls. Just today, one kid said, "F*@k you!" when I wouldn't give him a dollar. He didn't even say please!
Anyway, I'm putting this photo out there, not because I think it's a good photo, but because I want to offer this idea to the universe. The proposal is due tomorrow and it's all I've been able to think about for the past two weeks. This is the courtyard. I want this to happen so badly...

This photo is from my lunch break that I finally took at 4 o'clock this afternoon. I mean how long does a girl have to wait to eat a sandwich?

Thanks for taking this photo Jake & thanks for making my yummy sandwich.

I like this photo because it looks like I'm floating.

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