May 8, 2007

Skirt 7, May 8

Today's skirt is one of my favorites, but only for sentimental reasons. I spent last summer at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. One of my favorite days was spent in this skirt - walking back to the dorms at GW, hitting all of the great national monuments on The Mall. Mario, Mark and I stumbled upon Einstein by accident taking a shortcut through the National Academy of Sciences.

This skirt is:
Khaki denim pencil skirt
Easy to wear
Very versatile, which is what I need today.
Special. It reminds me of this photo which makes me smile.
(P.S. I'm asking Einstein what I should do with my life.)

Today was really busy! I spent it running from one meeting or activity to another. One reason I love my job is because I am able to spend time in many cultural institutions in Dallas. Today, I took a group of kids from the "grove" (Pleasant Grove) to the Nasher. If you look closely you can see the yellow school bus behind my boy Oldenburg's sculpture.

Another reason I love my job are the kids that I get to meet and work with. Today's group was great! Some kids from the "grove" totally get a bad rap, but they are really insightful and it's so interesting to hear them connect art to THEIR everyday lives. I have no idea what it is like to be a teenager in the environment these kids grow up in, or deal with some of the issues these kids deal with. Twenty-first century kids grow up in a completely different culture. I also volunteered today. A little girl from Burma really captured my heart and attention with her story. We have no idea how lucky we are... (sigh) Anyway...

Skirt Project is really challenging me to break habits. I admit that I went shopping yesterday and this evening, BUT I did not buy one thing. I guess I just realize there isn't really anything that I need. Yes, this does mean a summer without purchases, but I think I can survive. Now if I could just find a cheaper way to have a social life...

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stephanie said...

i love that einstein picture!!!
great skirt.
your blog is great lyd!