July 31, 2008

Mexico Skirt

I bought this skirt in Puerto Vallarta at my neighborhood grocery store, MEGA COMERCIAL. Therefore, it is now my Mexico skirt.
Here I am in my rental car, I miss my Jetta...

Did I mention that I am leaving tomorrow for Mexico?

San Miguel de Allende or bust!

July 30, 2008

When it rains, it pours...

It rained today. Finally, relief from the triple digit heat! For a spell, anyway... It was nice, but it was hard to enjoy as I was dealing with the hit and run that happened in the wee hours of the morning in front of my mom's house.

To the person(s) who did this to my car:
Thanks a lot. I hope that your current situation warranted not leaving a note, and I hope that this never happens to you or someone you care about.

After the rental, at NorthPark running a quick errand, I had time for a skirt shot wearing Skirt 7, AND it's time for the Parade of Playhouses! I love looking at these constructions throughout the mall. These are such neat constructions and built with great design and innovation in mind.

Here is the perfect playhouse for a rainy day like today. This playhouse looks like it was made from recycled materials, has an inverted tin roof, and a rain catcher on the side that says, "water for the garden." After today's Jonah day, there was plenty of water and tears.
Thank goodness for insurance
Thank goodness for rental cars
Thank goodness this month is almost over
I've got to get away...
Thank goodness for Mexico

Click here to learn more about
Dallas CASA's Parade of Playhouses at NorthPark Mall.

July 29, 2008

Skirt 30

We're hitting triple digits again today... I just don't know what to do about the heat! I hear everyone complaining around me, and I admit, it is pretty bad. But, it doesn't last forever, and it's a great opportunity to wear a light weight skirt.

I'm wearing Skirt 30 today, a skirt I have not worn in a very, VERY long time.

July 23, 2008

"Skirt Season is Back in Full Swing!"

So says the Gap and their promotion of "The Flirty Skirt"

Hmmm... we'll see about that. I love Skirt 44; it's so comfortable and feminine, which is better than flirty in my opinion.

I went to a jewelry class tonight at the Dallas Museum of Art. I learned a new coil/wire wrapping technique and made some new friends. Hopefully, I can post a pic of the bracelet tomorrow, but I can't seem to find it at the moment...

One Arts Plaza, on my way home.

I learned this evening that my great aunt on my mom's side (grandpa's sister) was a jewelry designer in Monterrey, Mexico. She specialized in gold, her name was Maria, and she had a hard life - most artists do. I told my mom that it's nice to know that my seemingly unconventional life runs in my blood. Despite its' challenges at the moment, I find comfort and feel that I am exactly where I need to be right now: teaching, creating, working, discovering, experiencing, feeling and loving every moment of it.

Dog Days of Summer

Is it hot enough for you?

July 22, 2008

New Skirt!

Afternoon update:
Whew! glad that's over with. Now I can get back to cramming my brain full of useless useful information, such as what kind of beers we have in the bottle and on tap!
Interesting litter today:

When was the last time you saw these tab tops?

I have a HUGE presentation today, sew... I made the skirt that I am wearing. Remember that green jersey knit that I bought at the Urban Street Bazaar back in May? Well, I finally did something with it! Jersey knit is tough to sew with, let me tell you! But, I'm quite pleased with the results.

I patterned it after Skirt 40 and another skirt I saw on-line. The pattern wasn't too hard: 3 pieces. I pieced it out in about 30 minutes using some old gift wrap. I did some research before working with the jersey knit, and even though I didn't have the recommended tools, I went for it. Trial and error right? I had to rip parts of it and start over TWICE on the asymmetrical top, but I got it right eventually.

I had the striped jersey fabric as well and wanted to subtly incorporate it. So, I carefully cut it so that the stripes would lay diagonal just under the waist. The green jersey knit is so thin, I had to double the piece at the top, but it comes low enough that the full skirt attached is a single layer. It's so flouncy! (and comfortable too!)

Santa, if you're reading, I've been a very good girl this year and would like a serger and a very nice pair of Gingher scissors.

I still want to do a post about my Mexico Skirt, because I have been thinking an awful LOT about Mexico, (even in my dreams), but also because now that some time has passed I am beginning to realize just how precious that experience was for me. However, I'm working on two computers, which is not as great as it sounds. It is what it is. It makes things a bit more challenging, but I am still managing to squeeze everything in and sleep at least 6 hours a night. Woo hoo! Success!
Wish me luck!

July 17, 2008

Mexico Skirt

I have the day off today!

July 16, 2008

Cotton Candy Clouds

Stormy weather yesterday...
but, coulds abound this morning

Going places...

I have another interview this morning...

July 15, 2008

Modge Podge Skirt

I went all over DFW yesterday. I had a few errands to run. Last night was Craft Night!

Did you know Modge Podge comes with glitter???

But before we started, I had time for one game of Scrabble. I didn't win, but I broke 200! (Knowing a lot of two letter words helps.)

Tonight we made business card holders. Did you know that a standard business card fits perfectly in an Orbit gum package? (Sans the gum, of course.)
Our craft tonight was to decoupage Orbit boxes with pretty paper and magazine images.

The finished products:

Who's Afraid of Red?

That's my finger, but I like this accidental shot. It's my tribute to color field painter Barnett Newman.

July 13, 2008

My Jonah Week in Review:

1) My computer died on Friday.
2) I didn't get the job(s) I thought I wanted...
What can I say? This has been a Jonah week, but...
it did get better.

Here are some highlights:
1) I went shopping with Molly, and she picked out a dress for me. I laughed when I saw it, because it reminded me of a waitress' uniform at a diner... But, I love it! I got SO many compliments on it, and maybe being a waitress suits me. Thanks for thinking of me Molly!

Here I am in my comfy dress in front of pretty wildflowers.

Here I am on the way to who knows where...I love the pretty yellow gingham fabric.

And here's the SuperTramp album Breakfast in America, which also reminds me of my dress!

2) I bought a refurbished computer, it should be here in 2 days!Thanks Les!

3) I spent some quality time with my mom. We went to the Latino Cultural Center made "Ojos de Dios" wall hangings, and my mom took her first skirt shot! Yay mom!

4) I went to a fashion show. Fierce!

5) I got a job! I have to wear a uniform and it does NOT consist of a skirt, but that's ok, because I'll be making some $$$. I needed some brown shoes and socks, so I headed to WEPCo for some shoes that will make my feet happy!

6 & 7) Dansko clogs and Smartwool socks: life is good!

I used to wear clogs in high school. I'd always go on pointe in them and ruin the tips...

8) The socks and shoes with this skirt remind me of the cover of a great book that I thankfully picked up this weekend at the library. I am loving it!
Check it out here

9) A wall made of wine crates at my favorite Dallas restaurant: The Grape.

10) Books arranged by color:

11) I made some cinnamon bread:

12, 13, & 14) Sunsets, sailboats, and skirts...

it doesn't get much better than this!

July 9, 2008

Skirt 56

When you feel blue, make blueberry milk!
Just add blueberries, milk, yogurt, bananas, and honey,

Get up and get out...

I'm bored...

just kidding :)

July 8, 2008

Skirt 44... What a day!

Picking myself up off the floor,

Kicking some backgammon ass.

Oh,the games we play...
Speaking of games, on the way to trivia we got caught in the rain:

I love the lines in this picture.

The movement reminds me of one my favorite paintings:

Giacomo Balla, A Dog On A Leash, 1912, oil on canvas.

Skirt 7 (plan b)

The days are full of surprises. Here are a few gifts from yesterday...

Greens at the Dallas Farmers Market.

Skirt 7!

New girl friends and catching up with old ones:

Nice people and beautiful displays:

Rhubarb at the East Dallas Community Garden

A secret garden

Home "tweet" home!

July 7, 2008

Guilty Skirt

I haven't wavered. I'm still here, and I've been wearing my skirts. Things have been a little touch and go in many aspects of my life. But, the longer I stay away from Skirt Project, the guiltier I feel, and I can't take the guilt! That's one feeling that I can definitely do without.

Today's skirt is guilty and sorry for straying... but here are some pics to share.

I bought a new skirt the other day at Banana. I couldn't help it! It was on sale, I needed a little retail therapy and it has poppies on it! Poppies are beautiful delicate flowers and remind me of Steph in Connecticut.

On the road again... this time to Fort Worth

At the Fort Worth Modern to check out the Kara Walker retrospective.

Does this remind you of Kara's work?

Oh Happy Fourth!

Hoo-ray for chocolate labs named Hershey, salt water pools, BBQ, fajitas, and Levi® mini skirts!