September 11, 2012

Pick Up the Pieces


Do you know what makes my day? Talking and chatting with loved ones and friends. Thank goodness for technology. Tonight, I was able to cook dinner and talk with my mom! Of course, it doesn't compare to being in the same room with my mom, let alone the same time zone, but I am so thankful for what we have today. 

Do you know what else I love?

Just yesterday, the post delivered this:
Inside was this:
Fun scraps of paper with an inspiring message. 

It might look like trash to you, but I ♥ it!

Was it a coincidence that this note was written on watercolor paper with rounded corners?
Just last week, I created all of these tiny rounded-corner, watercolor rectangles to inspire me. 
On the back, I wrote 100 Ideas by Keri Smith.
I have mentioned the artist Keri Smith before on this blog, and have even posted some completed ideas from 100 Ideas on this blog. (Does that make sense?) I could have printed them out but I am sans printer at the moment, and it was fun to play and create with these exercises. It makes it all the more special. 

I am excited to pick up one of these pieces and play. I even placed them in a pretty blue bowl I found. 

Do you want to play? We totally should! 

Keri Smith's 100 Ideas here.


A friend of mine posted this image on Facebook today.  I thought it was beautiful. I did a little research and found out that this image is actually from a project called the World Trade Center Outline Project, by artist Fynnegan Sloyan. I couldn't find much information on the artist, except that he has worked in Brooklyn, and that he was here in Belgium in 2002 at Zuivelmarkt 33 in Hasselt.

September 10, 2012


I realize that when I last posted on the 1st of June, that it very well could have signaled the end of this blog. I wasn't intending to end the blog, but in a way I did. My absence was due to many wonderful events that took place over the summer, but I think that there is probably more to it than that. Isn't there always? I want to pick up the pieces and fill in the gaps of the last few years. It's a good story, with a happy ending.


I'm back in Belgium! Living in Leuven. 
When we arrived on the 1st of August, I couldn't believe it. So much was the same, but something was different. 

I can't quite put my finger on it, but something is going on in this town...
Or maybe it's me?

It's taken all this time for things to sink in, but I am starting to get used to the idea of being back. 
(De Werf... one of my favorite places in Leuven.)
In some ways, it's as if we never left. 

I hope you like stories... I do.
I have many to tell.

All of these photos were taken today. I thought it was important to note that.