August 27, 2008

First Daze of School

I survived my three year olds!
They are so cute. I'm not sure how many skirts I'll be wearing these days to come. I have a feeling I am going to be spending a lot of time of the floor.Thank goodness I didn't get rid of my capris and pants.

August 26, 2008

Skirt 14

Skirt 14 today. I woke up late, couldn't decide what to wear and this was the first skirt in my closet. Butterflies are always good, and they're in style.

I went to Fry's today. It's an errand I've been putting off for a long time. I thought it would be a spectacle, and sure enough it was. Cows, cowboys, ranch-themed decor and an electronics store don't really go together, but it was an interesting experience. I ran my errand, was asked out, I said no.
No time for me... "I'm moo'vin on." Just like the country song crooning outside said.

August 25, 2008

New School Skirt

How many times am I going to do this? First days of school, I mean.

I bought today's skirt three weeks ago in Mexico, at the Mega Comercial. I didn't need a new skirt, I did it because I was in Mexico, and I had no financial goal. I'm not quite sure what the goal is, but at least I know that I didn't have one. I feel like I'm making progress today. Time to go meet the kiddos, or chickens, as Ruth calls them!

August 23, 2008

Green Spot Skirt

Morning folks! It's amazing how a great night's sleep can make you feel! Today's skirt is from my shopping excursion last week. It's a cute Calvin Klein skirt, (my first), from the outlet mall in Allen. I wasn't sure about it, it's not like I need another skirt, but I thought I could wear it to the pre-school. I love the green spot and sea shell fabric, and the pockets. We'll see where this skirt takes me.
Hasta la vista!

What a great way to start off my green day, at the library!

Gassing up at the Green Spot Market & Fuels.

They have BioDiesel as well as natural and organic products.

At Central Market it was time for the Hatch Green Chili festival.

I used to live in New Mexico once apon a time.
Ahh, the Land of Enchantment.

Another green spot in Dallas, The Garden Cafe. They have a huge garden in the back with vegetables and herbs, and they serve yummy breakfast.
Welcome home Kylie! It's good to have you back.

P.S. Love your skirt (left) and your's too Shannon! (center)

August 21, 2008

Who loves the sun? / Skirt 10

When I woke up this morning, the sun was streaming in through my window and I immediately thought: yellow. I only have one skirt with yellow in it, and that's Penney's Skirt, so, that is what wore today. That immediate thought led me to notice my surroundings and everything that is yellow. (I think this must have something to do with the two-year-old mind frame I'm trying to channel).

This was an odd scene. It reminds me of Mexico, but I don't know why...

I had to buy some new sunnies today, 'cause I misplaced my last pair. Thank goodness I always buy the cheap ones! While I was at Target, I had a hankering for some yellow food: I decided to do a taste comparison between goldfish and CheezIts.

CheezIts are WAY better! Now I know.

It's Orientation Night tonight and my nephew's tenth birthday. I was going to wear some dress shorts and a pretty blouse to meet the parents, but something tells me I should wear a skirt. My nephew's birthday made it easy to decide which skirt to wear: I love Skirt 10. It's tried and true, very professional and very pretty.

H a p p y B i r t h d a y D a n i e l !
(I was talking to you on the phone when I took this.)
Double digits are a big responsibility.

August 20, 2008

New Skirt 2!

A gray skirt for a gray day. I am loving the rain, but Moxie does NOT like thunder! I've had my eye on this cute number at Whole Earth for a while, and now that I have some money to blow and tax free weekend, I treated myself.

It's made by ESPRIT, has tons of pockets and lots of pleats. It's super cute and can be dressed up with heels or sandals. Gotta love it!

August 19, 2008


I've been going through stuff at my mom's house and recently came across a full set of antique stamps. I didn't wear a skirt today, but black and white matches my outfit. I've been getting ready for school, typing documents and putting up ABCs, so the stamps are perfect really. I played with them a little today. I just stamped what came to mind...

Do I even have these anymore? I can't remember 'em...

Gotta go... Time for

August 18, 2008

New Skirt

on the road again...

running errands in the rain: rainbow colored threads for buttons and hems.

It was a tax free shopping weekend here in Texas. I have to admit, this was my first time to take advantage of the benefit and participate in the frenzy. I have been cleaning out my closet at the same time, but at this point I have no idea what's staying and what's going. I need to do a better job letting things go, especially if I keep adding to my collection...

Today's skirt is from the J. Crew outlet in Allen, TX. I've always wanted a madras plaid patchwork skirt, but they can be expensive and tacky too. My skirt is cut with burgundy plaids and only set me back $18 (compared to the original $65.) I love it! I can't wear it to school with the little ones because it's a little too short, but the tykes aren't there yet ;-)

On the to do list for today: (I've been writing more of them these days...)
I know, I know. I need to post pics from Mexico. The days keep slipping by and I feel worse and worse about it. I'll get started on it today, but this week is filled with doubles and preparations for first days of schools. Speaking of... gotta go

August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my momma's birthday today. I don't think she'd like me to tell her age, but you'd never guess it from her youthful glow and tenacious spirit.

This is a picture of two Skirt Ladies from 1998, ten years ago! I remember that skirt, the one that I'm wearing. It was from the Limited and I wore it a lot when I was a hostess (that's how I'm able to remember the year). I was so skinny then! Way too skinny for my taste today! Speaking of which, I took my mom out for a steak dinner and a movie ~ the perfect date.

Mom is wearing a china poblana, the traditional costume of Mexico. There is quite an interesting history on la china poblana on Wikipedia. I think she looks great in a skirt. She has great legs and a beautiful smile.
Feliz cumpleaños mami! te amo!

August 11, 2008

I made it Monday

Taking my cue from one of my favorite blogs, "I made it Monday."

Rice Krispy treats with Mexican vanilla and pink sprinkles, and a paper crane from one of my bills.

I am so tired...

August 9, 2008

Vamos a regresar

We're leaving today, so I'm about to pack it up for the journey home. S.M.A. has been a wonderful city: open, welcoming, beautiful, cool, and rejuvenating.
I apologize for the lack of posts - I take too many pictures and the last thing I want to do with my time here in S.M.A has been to be in front of a computer. However, they are coming.
Hasta pronto!

August 8, 2008


Pretty cool huh? It poured last night and the power went out, so I wasn't able to post about Guanajuato like I wanted. But it was awesome, and I will get around to it eventually. I've been watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies this morning, checking out all of the skirts and pyrotechnics. But I have to get out now, it's my last full day here in Mexico.

August 7, 2008

A Blue Day?

We are planning to go to Guanajuato today. I had a blue skirt picked out that I wanted to wear... I bought it last Sunday at Mega Comercial here in town. But it's very cool and rainy this morning, I may just be wearing blue jeans today... I don't like to be cold, but the rain IS very nice and refreshing.

San Miguel Skirt

I bought a new skirt the other day. I couldn't help it! It was the altitude, or the tequila!
Actually, it was just the fact that it was from Mega Commercial - I have a soft spot in my heart for this particular Mexican grocery chain, it was 163 pesos and it's navy blue, matches a favorite blouse of the moment and it has sparkly thread running through it.
It was definitely the tequila...

Going to Guanajuato today to see some mummies.

August 6, 2008

More on Yes Man

Skirt 44, and I feel so much better today!

The book "Yes Man" first caught my attention a couple of weeks ago at Whole Earth Provision Company, mainly because of the title, "Yes Man." My ex, not the most recent, but the one before... anyway, he told me more than once that he didn't want to be my yes man. Not that I make my partners agree with me totally and do exactly what I want or say. That's ludicrous! Why would I want to be with someone like myself? I thought this was a very bold and unusual statement; but then again, so was he... bold and unusual, that is... Anyway, just from those two pages that I read there in the store, I gleaned a tremendous message: say yes more - you never know what opportunities behold if you do. I loved the idea because of its' simplicity and positiveness. And seriously, reading those two pages from Yes Man is how I ended up back in Mexico! I said yes to a great opportunity, yes to adventure - a 22 hour bus ride (more on that later) and yes to my desire: I wanted to come back.

I finished "Yes Man" today, and it got me thinking about so much of what's happened this past year: Skirt Project, falling in love, broken heart, moving to Mexico, moving back to Texas, following your passion, what do I do now?, etc... Where am I going with all of this? Who knows? But this book has got me thinking and excited again. There is a part where Danny writes that saying yes was his path to enlightenment. I attended a writer's workshop my last weekend in Vallarta, and I shared the premise for Skirt Project with the leader. His only comment was that my skirts were my Nirvana. But, it all makes sense now; Skirts are MY path to enlightenment.

I said YES more today... here's some of my yesperiences:
En la calle: mira la vista!

You'll never guess where I am? La Fabrica la Aurora
La Fabrica is an old textile factory, turned artists' studio, gallery, an all around very cool space.


These gears, cogs and things that take me back to my drawing days...
I just had to get my photo with some real machinery.

Mira esta máquina!

Meet my friend, Callie Calavera

She's accompanying me through La Fabrica.

What's that smell?

Mmmm.... pan dulce!

This was my first time ever to eat it hot out of the oven. It was so soft and delicious.

Mira los milagros!

What's that I hear???

Just the civic drum and bugle corp practicing. My favorite is "Give Peace a Chance"

On the way home, a neighbor invited us to check out their house that's being built near where we are staying. What a beautiful home and spectacular view! I couldn't resist a photo, but was a wee bit nervous. Can you tell?

I ended my evening at D'Vino for a flamenco dance show, but I was solo tonight. It was a fantastic show! I used to take flamenco dancing lessons... (another story for another post) I must look into taking lessons again as soon as I get back. I think I could pound my broken heart out, it's just what I need. These women had such passion and grace... to me that says it all.

I'll post some pics of the show as soon as I access WiFi, but I want to point out the painting that is behind the tiny stage. That's by Peter Leventhal, an artist that I met today...
Thanks Anne!

Si en San Miguel de Allende

Estoy aqui. (I'm here.) Actually, I've been here for days and have MANY photos to post, but there is more that I want to do than just sit here at a computer and upload photos, even if it is in a cafe.
San Miguel is beautiful, and much more than I ever expected. I've eaten some wonderful food, gotten very sick (thank you Montezuma) and have just finished reading a book:

What a great book, and inspirational too! Honestly, it's part of the reason that I agreed to get on a bus for 22 hours and travel to Mexico. It's an uncomplicated story, but I'll post about that later.

Say "yes" more...
Care to learn more about Danny Wallace?

(Click yes! =)