June 29, 2007

Skirt 45

Skirt 45 is from Target. I may have bought it 5 years ago? Maybe three? Who knows. It's a simple skirt, black cotton calico print with red flowers and paisley. I go for the western look I guess. There is a ruffle on the bottom which is pretty cute. But it's the top of the skirt that's the most curious. There are 3 pairs of grommets, like bootlacing at the top tied with a thin, black, faux leather lace. It's just a funky touch, not expected on an inexpensive skirt. When I first got this skirt, I tried to hide this part and dress it up; make it more formal with heels or a pretty blouse. But if I took the lace out, my skirt would fall down. It was frustrating to wear. Now, I don't really care so much about it. Maybe I've embraced the grommets... Maybe I have 60 other skirts I can wear... It's a casual skirt. Why try to make it something it's not?

I have so much to do today at work and unfortunately I'll be out of the office most of the day with a field trip... I'm trying to embrace the moment more, but it's gonna be a tough call today... On another note, I love Fage yogurt. I just want the world to know how delicious it is, and how much it makes me happy.

U-Ram Choe: New Media from Seoul at the Crow...
Go see it! It's so cool & FREE!

Another Abakanowicz... twice in one week, but at least it's in the same time-zone.

Well, I got what I needed to get done, but barely.
The field trip was actually quite nice and I think the kids enjoyed themselves. The best part about it was when we happened to walk in on a Lion Dance workshop at the Crow Collection of Asian Art. What fun! I had never been that interactive with the performers. Trying on the lion would have been a great photo op for a skirt shot... oh well... next time.
Have a great weekend!

June 28, 2007

Skirt 44

I had a flat tire this morning. Took care of it at Ross Discount Tire for $7!

This is white skirt #2 out of 4 total. It's from Charlotte Ruse and was SUPER cheap. I think I paid $20 or $30 dollars for it. It's got all the details that I love in skirts: flowers, embroidery, tucks and ruffles. I had to buy a large because they were out of mediums and it was so pretty and cheap, I didn't want to pass it up. So, I took it to Young's Tailors and got it altered for $6. It doesn't exactly line up in the front, but at least it doesn't fall off and I could get rid of that safety pin clasp.
Even though it's STILL pouring rain, I am wearing white for xXx event tonight. I'm so excited to see these kids and hear all about their experience these past four weeks. Everyone will be in black and white, so get ready for a costume change later on in the day...
It got so crazy today, the only thing I was able to change was my shoes... It's funny how uncomfortable flats can get after a while.

So the xXx function went soooo well. I am so impressed with what this kids have accomplished. At such a young age, all of them spoke (in front of an audience, many of them strangers) to a person or people who have impacted their lives and/or make them happy. As an adult, I know that I do not spend enough time thanking my friends and family for all that they do, let alone compliment them, and tell them how special they are to me and why. It takes a lot of courage, and many tears were shed, but I am so proud of them. They inspire me to not hold back and let others know how I really feel about them. I think we could all learn from them. A better world, starts with happy people. Thanks xXx for sharing with me and for letting me be a part of your summer.
Skirt Lady

Some of my heroes...

In black are the other leaders of xXx. Y'all did a GREAT job! Thank you for letting me be a part of this program.
Great picture Nancy!

June 27, 2007

Skirt 43

Today's skirt is so tired. I think it's finally catching up to me... This number I picked up in Maryland last February while babysitting my four nephews... We had a great time, besides the fact that I made them spend 4 hours at the mall. Ha!
Actually, we saw a movie AND went out to eat during that time. You gotta spoil your brother's kids, ya' know?

Whenever I am in the Northeast I always try to stop in H & M, no matter how broke I am ... We don't have H & M here in Texas, so it's always fun to come back with stuff that you won't see anyone else wearing. Did I mention that it's cheap? I mean, inexpensive... This skirt cost $6.99 on clearance. It was a little tight when I bought it, but it fits great today. It's a simple black corduroy A-line skirt. There are some cute details on this skirt, it comes with a sash that I couldn't wear today because my shirt comes with a sash too, and there are big black buttons along the bottom of the belt loops. Besides the fact that I am a little lint-y today, I think I look pretty cute.

So, not that today was just another day, but... what can I say...

I gassed up my car. "Running on empty."

AND I held my education crew captive all day brainstorming for teen, family and outreach programs. Very exciting stuff... As the say, four heads are better than one.

June 26, 2007


I've updated Skirts 40 - 42... 6.26.07 11:04 p.m.

Loved my trip to Boston, New York, Philly and Chicago!

Boston = beautiful skirts & smart schools
New York = beautiful people & skinny jeans
Philadelphia = beautiful art & great shopping
Chicago = cornhole & beer

need I say more?

I feel so lucky to have visited these great cities and stay with people I love and care about. I have great friends and family all over, and for that I am truly blessed. Not to mention the great people I met along the way! What an adventure! Thank you so much!

Skirt 42

Back to the grind... Finally home. But, there is a lot to consider and mull over... I feel like it's been so long since I've been back... I actually forgot to take a skirt shot in the car this morning!

Today's skirt is a great skirt. It's very feminine and lacy. Lot's of detail at the bottom. I bought it at Anthropologie in NYC last March while shopping with Marisa near Union Square Park. It was on sale and so pretty. I love it! I wore it while I was there for my presentation at the National Art Education Association conference. It turned cold and snowed that day. I couldn't walk in my boots with the little kitten heel, so I had to stop and buy some snow boots at Macy's. What a day! (That was the day I fell in the snow, walking arm in arm with my BFF!) Good times.

Rain, rain, go away! It's so rainy here. That's why it took me 5 hours to get home last night. And actually,the forecast calls for rain all week. My friend Adina came to see me at work today and took this skirt shot. It reminds me of the Morton Salt Girl, another Chicago icon. I love salt.
Speaking of salt, I had dinner with my BFF tonight. It was great to catch up. I miss my friends.
I'm definitely back at work (sigh)...

Skirt 41

Yup, I did it... I bought a skirt in Boston. Good thing too, as I was stuck in the windy city for a 20 hour layover... Long story... Will post the pics and details later today (Tuesday 6.26.07)

I bought this skirt at H & M. I didn't want to... really. I tried, but it was so cute and on sale! So I did it.
This is a knit jersey skirt in that bubble style that was so cute last season. I wanted one, and now I got one!
It actually turned out for the best because I missed my connecting flight in Chicago... the earliest flight United could put me on was the next afternoon. Oh well... What are you going to do???

Walk around Chi-town! (No museums please... I needed a break today and something free to do.)

In front of one of the museums on Museum Campus... Check out the public art project behind me... CoolGlobes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet.

I'm at the beach, Be-acth!

Now this is a lake... It's like an ocean!

Wonder what it feels like?

It's not that cold.

Walking back to the car, before heading to Goose Island Brewery, look what I found! BTW, at Goose Island I had THE BEST root beer float of my life!

I hadn't seen this when I was here last January. Magdalena Abakanowicz's Agora. There are 106 figures, nine feet tall. It was installed late last year.

Now, where am I going to find 106 skirts...

June 25, 2007

Bench Project: a virtural postcard

In Boston, along the harbor. Many, many, many benches

On a swan boat in Boston Commons...

Hey! Get off our bench!

Not a bench, but it's on the train...

At the MoMA... Oh yeah.

In Philly, don't mind Ben...

In Chicago, on the museum campus.


June 23, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I have some great pics to post in NYC and the city of brotherly love. I'm out of juice. Will post pics when I return... have a great weekend!

June 22, 2007

Greetings! from the city of brotherly love

How many skirts does it take to parallel park a car in Philly?

For my tour of Philadelphia, I recycled Skirt 39, but it was the weekend and this time I had an accomplice. Yay Marisa! We got lots of stares, but no one commented on it...

Marisa got us tickets to the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA... for now, anyways.
What a great collection, although it had to be one of the most intense art museum experiences of my life. There is so much to take in visually, I couldn't wrap my brain around it all. I will say this, there are A LOT of Renoirs in that collection. I liked the de Chiricos the best.

Mrs. Barnes had a green thumb, so it was appropriate that we wore our green skirts.

I wanted to have a Philly Cheesesteak. I'd never had one before... Why eat them in Texas? So, Marisa took me to Jim's on South Street. I waited in line for 30 minutes. It was tasty, but I'm a sliced beef BBQ girl at heart!

If you look closely in the photo before this, you can actually see these guys at the counter. How often do you see this?

Independence Hall. Can you imagine: the meetings, the heat?

The Liberty Bell kind of looks like a skirt...

In front of Locks Gallery, where I saw a great exhibition of Clare Rojas' and Joy Feasley's work. It was really nice to look at contemporary art after viewing the Barnes collection. I liked the scroll on this gate because it reminded me of the lace on our skirts. It is so much easier to have someone else model.

After walking through Society Hill, we went to Rittenhouse for a coffee and some shopping, where I scored a beautiful white trench coat from where????
Yup! Anthropologie. This store is a beautiful store: four stories. It was chilly that night so I was able to wear it to dinner and a movie: Once. Marisa and I gave it two thumbs up.
My trip didn't end there, the next day we ate a delicious brunch at White Dog Cafe, where we ate lemon cream cheese pancakes (yum!) and shopped at their sister gift store The Black Cat Gift Shop. I ended my trip with a visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art, where I saw some great works by Karen Kilimnik and some great exhibitions. Check it out. This was really great stuff!

June 21, 2007

Skirt 40

Also for Marisa, Skirt 40 was basically bought because she encouraged me to do so. We were in NYC shopping last March, and I saw this skirt and wanted to get it. However, I didn't get it at that time because I knew I could find the same skirt in Dallas. I kept waiting for it to go on sale, but whatever... I'm glad I got it, because I love it!

Today's skirt is a red, printed, jersey knit skirt. It's a full A-line with an unfinished hem. The print outlines big pink flowers. Although I haven't been to Italy yet, I feel that this is a skirt that I might find there.

Sorry this has taken so long guys... I really had technical difficulties... No electricity in Philly; A hairdyer blew a fuse.

New York has so many great photo ops.

On the steps of Nathalie and Jeremy's brownstone in Brooklyn. It could be Sesame Street for all I know. Gotta get going! Got a lot of art to see!

Richard Sera's retrospective is on exhibition at the MoMA. I got to walk on a Sera... barefoot.

In front of Monet's Waterlilies.

Dan Perjovschi's Projects 85 was the best, by far. ♥it!

Walking away, what a great day and it's only 1 pm! On my way to Philly, I...
saw Parker Posey
missed my train
caught the next train. It's all good...

With Marisa at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the Duchamp room.

Running up the steps at the PMA.
(C'mon... you'd do it too if you were there.)

Hmmm. Marisa gave me a great idea...

Look at the crowd we drew!

R O C K Y B A L B O A !!!

(In a skirt! Hell yes!)

June 19, 2007

Skirt 39


Skirts 39 and 40 are for my friend Marisa.

Skirt 39 is from Anthropologie and was purchased because it is black and was on sale. Just a basic black skirt, EXCEPT there is a hint of green underneath a delicately embroidered lace. In fact under the black lace, the panel of green material is bright, electric green. This is a slimming skirt, and I like the silhouette. I'd had the skirt for a while before I noticed the gathering on both sides. I'd never noticed it before until I saw this skirt on Marisa, who also has this skirt. She wore it last summer in D.C. when I met her. Seeing her wear her skirt, made me see it differently. It also made me think about how I wear this skirt, because I tend to only wear this skirt on formal occasions. Today, I'm taking my hint from Marisa last summer and wearing it in a stylish, but more casual way. After all, things are to be used... Skirts are to be worn.

Schlepping my skirt around Boston...

On the train.

Only in New York...

In Little Italy, my friends and I ate at Grotta Azzurra.

Jeremy ordered the skirt steak in my honor. It was tasty- tasty.

Forcast didn't call for rain... Here I am with my friend Nathalie. She does not own ONE skirt... believe me. I looked in her closet and checked.

Hey, Jeremy! This isn't Pants Project! Get outa my shot!