May 16, 2007

the thirteenth skirt

Photo 1: I was running a teeny bit late this morning. Right after I snapped this skirt shot, I got a speeding ticket.

Photo 2: Posted 12:33 pm.
Check out the effects on the iMac Book Pro. This one is called COMIC. Looks like Roy Lichtenstein to me. "A Fine," our fabulous intern, just got her computer for graduation. She wanted to take a pic for Skirt Project. Thanks A. Fine!
I'm jealous.

Today's skirt is pin-striped, A-line, and cut on the bias. The hem hits at the knee and is flow-y. Conservative? Perhaps. It's a very business-y Wall Street type, and always makes me think of American Psycho. This skirt means business. I feel confident in it. I had an early meeting this morning, I'm writing a grant for an underserved high school. I pitched my proposal to the principal and a few key teachers and they're on-board! This would be a great opportunity for this school and community – some positive attention instead of the negative they usually get.

Another find from Ross, I bought today’s skirt for $6.99. I think that's the perfect price for a skirt. Why do things have to be so dang expensive?

An interesting note about skirt project. I mentioned last week that I had gone shopping, but did not buy anything. Skirt Project has made me really conscious of all that I have and need to get rid of. Yesterday was payday, and I realized I went an entire pay period with out buying one piece of clothing. For me, this is H U G E!

Scroll down yesterday's skirt for yesterday's story.

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A fine today.
A Fine, today!

So was it a fine day?


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