June 1, 2007

Skirt 25

I can't believe it's Skirt 25!

Today's skirt is yet another mini. It's from Target when Prouenza Shouler had their label there last fall. It's black velvet and VERY short. It's about three sizes too big because I didn't have the guts to wear the one that actually fit on my waist. I reasoned that the lower it sits on my hips, the more inches I get on the bottom.

I bought it partly because my friend Kylie told me not to.
"It's not very professional."
Ha! That's totally why I bought it, and totally why I am wearing it today/tonight.

It's gonna be a 13 hour day! Yay! So excited!



Time to go home.

My first skirt shot taken with a cell phone... Lo-fi.

Later that night... Installations and works by Donna Huanca.

1 comment:

Machay said...

hahaha -- I love that you bought it because I said not to. I never realized that either.