May 15, 2007

Hot dog... good-bye Tay Tay

"Tay in the wind!"

Today was Tay Tay's last day at the office, and I am so sad. We went out for lunch, just the two of us to Wild About Harry's. I love hot dogs! It was so tasty, tasty! We had a picnic by the brown-eyed Susan's (I think that's what they're called). I'm going to miss my office mate.

Later that night, I waited for my car to start. It got messed up at the carwash... Another story for another blog. Five hours later, it eventually started... Something about the programming and the key. I didn't realize I owned such a smart car. How stupid of me! My car is clean now, and greasy in the inside. What is that stuff they rub on the interior? Vaseline?

After wearing the skirt all day, I have decided not to keep it. It doesn't hang right and it keeps falling down. Must be the drawstring. Some skirts make you feel really great, but this skirt just made me self-conscious... "Is my slip showing? Do I need to pull it up?" etc.

Good-bye Tay Tay. Good-bye skirt.

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verboten said...

you should burn the skirt in effigy. we could have a ceremony.