May 15, 2007

Skirt 12. May 15th

It's payday! AND it's ladies day at the carwash! Woo hoo!

I wasn't really into yesterday's skirt, so I thought I'd wear today's skrit last night. What? ... Like you've never done that.

A friend is in town 'cause she's moving from NY to LA and she wanted to get together at Cafe Madrid in Bishop Arts District. If you haven't been to this part of town lately you should go check it out. There's lots of great stuff, including Barbara's Pavilion!

Yes! I went back, but this time for karaoke. Sang the classic Dolly and Kenny duet Islands in the Stream with my 9th grade lab partner, and then sang a song SOLO!!! A first for me! I sang for Gen, Walking in LA by Missing Persons... “Only a nobody walks in LA.”

Back to the skirt... it's old, a sale purchase from Emeralds to Coconuts. It's made in India, has a drawstring, is 100% rayon, has three tucks, a ribbon and a ruffle at the bottom. A while back, I went through this phase when all I wore was black. I remember buying this skirt, convincing myself to deviate from my fashion trend but also relieved that the paisley print had black accents.

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