May 2, 2007

Skirt 2

Today’s skirt is another old one. I have a presentation today for graduate school and I am wearing this skirt because it is professional and it's my school color. Go mean green!

This was one of my first “professional” pieces. It’s Kenneth Cole. Not sure when I got it. I was still in undergraduate school and I was about 15 lbs lighter. I bought it because it was on sale and a great bargain. This size 8 used to hang on me, I thought I would get it altered. So glad I didn't!

4 reasons why I don’t want to give up this skirt:
It fits great.
It’s comfortable.
The dark green color. It’s still boring, but at least it’s not black or gray.
I love the detail in the back. There are two zippers from the hem that shoot up about 6" where my legs are. I can zip 'em up or zip 'em down, depending on how I feel. Hotness!

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