May 1, 2007

Quit skirting the issue

During a recent cleaning spree, I discovered that I have 60 skirts. How embarrassing! This shocked me to say the least. This truth also brought up several questions...

Who has this many skirts?
Where do I wear these skirts?
What do I do with so many skirts?
Do I need this many skirts? (I know the answer to this question.)
Where did they come from?
When did I get these skirts?
Why do I keep all of these skirts?

What is the skirt project?
I have 60 skirts. I am going to wear a different skirt for the next 60 days, or maybe I'll wear a different skirt Monday through Friday for the next 12 weeks. I'm not sure yet. I'll have to see how I feel on Friday, May 4.
This is a good way to pass the time, figure out which skirts to keep and which ones to weed out. At this point I like them all, but who needs 60 skirts?

Why do I want to do this?
Because it makes me think about things that matter to me.
I am attached to material things and I don’t want to be.
I am making a commitment to make do with what I have.
Because every skirt has a story, proving that I have so much more than 60 skirts.
I have a story to tell and this is my way of keeping my skirts.

Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living.
I’m examining my skirts.

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rulefour said...

Here's to old skirts and new beginnings! ~A