May 3, 2007

Skirt 3

Today's the big event! I have a work function today, so it is important that I look nice. Last week someone said I should wear white. I have four white skirts.

Today's skirt is another fabulous bargain find. It's white pique cotton, fitted and mini. Except for the slit up the middle, it's almost like a pencil skirt.

I think it's very flattering when I am standing, but it's a bit too revealing when I sit. I think this is the fourth time that I wear this skirt. I've had it for about two years. Not sure if there will be any car shots of this one today...

1 comment:

laurakathleen said...

No car shot for today :( that's one of my favorite parts of this skirt project. I love how it shows that you can find fun, wonderous idiosyncrasies even in the everyday mundane. Plus the car shots will make for a great montage at the end.