May 1, 2007

Skirt 1

Today’s skirt is one of the oldest skirts in my closet. It’s cut on the bias, but sewn like a pillowcase. This skirt is hard to walk in, I feel like a tamale.
I bought this skirt in California in 2000, when I spent Christmas with Stephanie in Palm Springs. Riding in the Mercedes convertible Kompressor with the top down until we couldn’t take it anymore. I remember the tangles in my hair. I couldn’t comb it for two days. Driving back to L.A. we stopped at the outlet mall the day after Christmas. I bought this skirt at the Esprit store for $5. It was crowded, probably not the best day to shop.

I saw my boy Claes Oldenburg's sculpture today at North Park. In Texas, some of our malls have art...


P.S. I got two compliments on my skirt today.

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