May 18, 2007

Skirt 15

Skirt 15.
End of week 3.
1/4 of the way there.

Today's skirt is a light cotton calico print. Another deviation from my usual basic black wardrobe. I bought this at Loehmann's here in Dallas about five years ago. Oh, how I miss that store... It was on sale, I think for $19.99. It's some brand I have never heard of - Vince.

I like the way today's skirt fits. It's cut like a fitted, tailored mini, with another panel sewn on the bottom. On the panel, there are a series of a set of three tucks that go all the way around the skirt. It's delicate and feminine.

I've noticed I'm drawn to the same elements in a skirt. Tucks and ruffles seem to be a repeating detail in the craftsmanship.


Another day with my skirt. Ate at a new place today: La Popular Tamale House. They were REAL good! On my coffee break, I ran into my friend, porn-star Lance Landers!

Just kidding Lance. Hearts to you! (giggles)

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