June 29, 2007

Skirt 45

Skirt 45 is from Target. I may have bought it 5 years ago? Maybe three? Who knows. It's a simple skirt, black cotton calico print with red flowers and paisley. I go for the western look I guess. There is a ruffle on the bottom which is pretty cute. But it's the top of the skirt that's the most curious. There are 3 pairs of grommets, like bootlacing at the top tied with a thin, black, faux leather lace. It's just a funky touch, not expected on an inexpensive skirt. When I first got this skirt, I tried to hide this part and dress it up; make it more formal with heels or a pretty blouse. But if I took the lace out, my skirt would fall down. It was frustrating to wear. Now, I don't really care so much about it. Maybe I've embraced the grommets... Maybe I have 60 other skirts I can wear... It's a casual skirt. Why try to make it something it's not?

I have so much to do today at work and unfortunately I'll be out of the office most of the day with a field trip... I'm trying to embrace the moment more, but it's gonna be a tough call today... On another note, I love Fage yogurt. I just want the world to know how delicious it is, and how much it makes me happy.

U-Ram Choe: New Media from Seoul at the Crow...
Go see it! It's so cool & FREE!

Another Abakanowicz... twice in one week, but at least it's in the same time-zone.

Well, I got what I needed to get done, but barely.
The field trip was actually quite nice and I think the kids enjoyed themselves. The best part about it was when we happened to walk in on a Lion Dance workshop at the Crow Collection of Asian Art. What fun! I had never been that interactive with the performers. Trying on the lion would have been a great photo op for a skirt shot... oh well... next time.
Have a great weekend!

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