June 26, 2007

Skirt 41

Yup, I did it... I bought a skirt in Boston. Good thing too, as I was stuck in the windy city for a 20 hour layover... Long story... Will post the pics and details later today (Tuesday 6.26.07)

I bought this skirt at H & M. I didn't want to... really. I tried, but it was so cute and on sale! So I did it.
This is a knit jersey skirt in that bubble style that was so cute last season. I wanted one, and now I got one!
It actually turned out for the best because I missed my connecting flight in Chicago... the earliest flight United could put me on was the next afternoon. Oh well... What are you going to do???

Walk around Chi-town! (No museums please... I needed a break today and something free to do.)

In front of one of the museums on Museum Campus... Check out the public art project behind me... CoolGlobes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet.

I'm at the beach, Be-acth!

Now this is a lake... It's like an ocean!

Wonder what it feels like?

It's not that cold.

Walking back to the car, before heading to Goose Island Brewery, look what I found! BTW, at Goose Island I had THE BEST root beer float of my life!

I hadn't seen this when I was here last January. Magdalena Abakanowicz's Agora. There are 106 figures, nine feet tall. It was installed late last year.

Now, where am I going to find 106 skirts...

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