July 2, 2007

Skirt 46

Guess what? It's still raining... and it's July.

Today's skirt is another old one, at least 10 years old. It's a red cotton bandana print wrap around skirt, which hits right above the knee. I like skirts that wrap around and tie. They really help you out when you are feeling fat and bloated... anyway. I bought it so long ago that I don't really remember which store, but I do remember the mall in Richardson, which is now non-existent. This skirt has been some really cool places with me. It's been overseas to Spain when I lived there that summer. It's trolled the medieval bridges and castles, been to the beaches and some great museums. I never wear this skirt... I think this is the first time in two or three years. I keep it for sentimental reasons... I've grown up a lot since I've bought this skirt, it's like an old friend.
I got a good dose of reality today... I had an exam. I didn't do as well as I could have. I'm just not a good test taker... it's been so long since I have been back in the game. Oh well, what are you going to do? Keep moving forward... Study more...

I finished my midterm early so I went to check out some things around Denton. By the way, walking around Denton I realized why I don't wear this skirt. It ties in the front, but the flap is in the back. With the breeze blowing, a peep show can occur at anytime... not so hot.

Walking along Fry Street, I went to The Tomato... it burned down last Wednesday night. Maybe youy saw the coverage on CNN? In about 4 months there will be a CVS or a Starbucks here.

At Texas Women's University. Pioneer Woman... she is wearing a skirt.

It's time for R A I N B O W S! The first one I've seen since the rain started to fall. The other side is in Lewisville??? Just a reminder that good things are about to happen.

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