June 11, 2007

Skirt 31

Another something I like to say...
"Thirty-one, thirty FUN!" And this IS a fun skirt. I remember seeing it in the J.Crew store about 3 years ago, I wanted it so badly. I paid lots of money for it, considering it's a skirt. I didn't buy it immediately, I waited a couple of days to make sure I wanted it... I did. I was waiting tables at the time, $94 is almost all of one night's tips. I remember the first time I wore it: to the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth to see "Annie" with my 3 year old niece. That was a fun night.

Today's skirt is a pleated, khaki pinstripe mini. The pleats are very well constructed and go all around the skirt. It reminds me a little of a cheerleader's skirt. The best part about this skirt is the little beige bow that ties around the waist. Sometime in my early to mid twenties, I turned into a girlie-girl, or at least I embraced this part of my skirt personality that was always there, hidden. The bow adds a girlie touch. Super-cute!

I usually don't wear this skirt because I feel that it's a bit too short for the office. (It's not.) Also, I couldn't find a top to wear with it that I felt comfortable in. I'm over that now... Who cares. I like this skirt. I feel great in it.

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Anonymous said...

This picture is GOH-geous, dahling. -A