June 19, 2007

Skirt 39


Skirts 39 and 40 are for my friend Marisa.

Skirt 39 is from Anthropologie and was purchased because it is black and was on sale. Just a basic black skirt, EXCEPT there is a hint of green underneath a delicately embroidered lace. In fact under the black lace, the panel of green material is bright, electric green. This is a slimming skirt, and I like the silhouette. I'd had the skirt for a while before I noticed the gathering on both sides. I'd never noticed it before until I saw this skirt on Marisa, who also has this skirt. She wore it last summer in D.C. when I met her. Seeing her wear her skirt, made me see it differently. It also made me think about how I wear this skirt, because I tend to only wear this skirt on formal occasions. Today, I'm taking my hint from Marisa last summer and wearing it in a stylish, but more casual way. After all, things are to be used... Skirts are to be worn.

Schlepping my skirt around Boston...

On the train.

Only in New York...

In Little Italy, my friends and I ate at Grotta Azzurra.

Jeremy ordered the skirt steak in my honor. It was tasty- tasty.

Forcast didn't call for rain... Here I am with my friend Nathalie. She does not own ONE skirt... believe me. I looked in her closet and checked.

Hey, Jeremy! This isn't Pants Project! Get outa my shot!

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verboten said...

quit skirting the issues. what did you do on the train?