June 18, 2007

Skirt 36

It's Beacon Hill Day!

Is there a difference between herringbone and tweed?
I went to MIT and Harvard to find out...

I still don't know the answer.

Tired from my quest, I stopped in for a lite bite and a pint at Grafton Street in Cambridge. The food was ok, the company was great. Topped it off with sweet creme brule from Finale.

Today's skirt is funky, by Free People. Another purchase from Loehmann's while I was a teacher four years ago, I thought this skirt was cool. It's like a pencil skirt, except that it's a tad too big, so it flares ever so slightly. The hem hits right below knees. It's made of a "very smart" black and tan herringbone denim tweed with hints of red running vertically. The best feature about this skirt are the pockets. The right pocket is your average pocket, but the pocket on the left is about 12" long with a zipper in the middle, in case I don't feel like coming in from the top. That lonely zipper makes me thing Punk Rock! (fist pump) I always wanted to be punk. I loved their clothes...

I'll fix the lighting on these pics when I get back to big D...

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