June 13, 2007

Skirt 35

I'm not diggin' today's skirt. I feel like a chocolate cake.

This is one of those skirts that everyone else likes, but I can't get into. I know this is one of my mom's favorites. I bought it at Target last year for the Maya closing celebration at the Dallas Museum of Art. I thought the big embroidered flowers on it were Maya "looking" although I don't have any proof to back that up. I think I just wanted an excuse to buy something. While I think the skirt is cute, it's not really my style. But, I'm committed to SKirt Project. I may change my mind before the day is over. Hey, it's been known to happen.

BTW, tonight is the big Summer Concert from the summer concert series at the Dallas Museum of Art. Erykah Badu is performing this evening, FREE. Have fun guys!

Me and my step-mom... Double chocolate!

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