June 27, 2007

Skirt 43

Today's skirt is so tired. I think it's finally catching up to me... This number I picked up in Maryland last February while babysitting my four nephews... We had a great time, besides the fact that I made them spend 4 hours at the mall. Ha!
Actually, we saw a movie AND went out to eat during that time. You gotta spoil your brother's kids, ya' know?

Whenever I am in the Northeast I always try to stop in H & M, no matter how broke I am ... We don't have H & M here in Texas, so it's always fun to come back with stuff that you won't see anyone else wearing. Did I mention that it's cheap? I mean, inexpensive... This skirt cost $6.99 on clearance. It was a little tight when I bought it, but it fits great today. It's a simple black corduroy A-line skirt. There are some cute details on this skirt, it comes with a sash that I couldn't wear today because my shirt comes with a sash too, and there are big black buttons along the bottom of the belt loops. Besides the fact that I am a little lint-y today, I think I look pretty cute.

So, not that today was just another day, but... what can I say...

I gassed up my car. "Running on empty."

AND I held my education crew captive all day brainstorming for teen, family and outreach programs. Very exciting stuff... As the say, four heads are better than one.

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