June 22, 2007

Greetings! from the city of brotherly love

How many skirts does it take to parallel park a car in Philly?

For my tour of Philadelphia, I recycled Skirt 39, but it was the weekend and this time I had an accomplice. Yay Marisa! We got lots of stares, but no one commented on it...

Marisa got us tickets to the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA... for now, anyways.
What a great collection, although it had to be one of the most intense art museum experiences of my life. There is so much to take in visually, I couldn't wrap my brain around it all. I will say this, there are A LOT of Renoirs in that collection. I liked the de Chiricos the best.

Mrs. Barnes had a green thumb, so it was appropriate that we wore our green skirts.

I wanted to have a Philly Cheesesteak. I'd never had one before... Why eat them in Texas? So, Marisa took me to Jim's on South Street. I waited in line for 30 minutes. It was tasty, but I'm a sliced beef BBQ girl at heart!

If you look closely in the photo before this, you can actually see these guys at the counter. How often do you see this?

Independence Hall. Can you imagine: the meetings, the heat?

The Liberty Bell kind of looks like a skirt...

In front of Locks Gallery, where I saw a great exhibition of Clare Rojas' and Joy Feasley's work. It was really nice to look at contemporary art after viewing the Barnes collection. I liked the scroll on this gate because it reminded me of the lace on our skirts. It is so much easier to have someone else model.

After walking through Society Hill, we went to Rittenhouse for a coffee and some shopping, where I scored a beautiful white trench coat from where????
Yup! Anthropologie. This store is a beautiful store: four stories. It was chilly that night so I was able to wear it to dinner and a movie: Once. Marisa and I gave it two thumbs up.
My trip didn't end there, the next day we ate a delicious brunch at White Dog Cafe, where we ate lemon cream cheese pancakes (yum!) and shopped at their sister gift store The Black Cat Gift Shop. I ended my trip with a visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art, where I saw some great works by Karen Kilimnik and some great exhibitions. Check it out. This was really great stuff!

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The grille should remind you of a certain friend's tattoo, too!!