June 8, 2007

Ladies!!!... meet the boyfriend shirt skirt

"Don't go into the light Carol Ann!"

This picture didn't make it into GAP week, but I wanted to share it with you. It was taken by my friend photographer Beau Comeaux. His photos are absolutely stunning. Check him out this winter at Marty Walker.

And now for the boyfriend shirt skirt
This week I had an idea... it came to me in a dream, a lucid dream. Love those... Anyway, this is NOT a boyfriend's shirt, but actually one I picked up at Garland Thrift earlier this week just to try this idea out. It worked!

Follow the directions below...

Step 1:

Start with your boyfriend's shirt, or in my case... some random dude's shirt. Preferably with good taste. Mine is DKNY, 100% cotton, and a large.

Step 2:

Unbutton the top three buttons so that it fits comfortably on your waist.

Step 3:

Tightly wrap the arms around your waist to begin a square knot (right over left).

Step 4:

Complete the square knot (left over right).

Step 5:
Enjoy having his arms wrapped around you all day long!

My toes are always flexed for some reason, a nervous habit...

3 reasons I dig the Shirt Skirt
1. This is a great skirt to wear on hot days, a perfect beach cover up.
2. It's great if you are doing a painting project with kids. Another way to wear a smock.
3. It's another option for the morning after... the walk of shame.


mm said...

Hey, Lydia, it's Mike from Saturday at the art booth. I'm having fun reading the blog, and looking at all the photos.

Enjoyed meeting you. Good luck with this.

Machay said...

you are awesome.

daniel said...

oh, the house does look ok. Good work.