June 8, 2007

Skirt 30

Dirty Thirty… just a little something I like to say.

Halfway there! And it's my last skirt from GAP. Today's skirt is a lovely lavender A-line, cotton skirt. It has this really nice delicate floral embroidery on a handkerchief hem. I really like the way that this skirt fits. It's a longer skirt, and it makes me feel pretty when I walk because of the way it trails behind me. I believe this skirt came in two colors: aqua and lavender. I bought the lavender one because I didn’t own anything in this color. It’s very nice. Very Easter-y.

Yes, it was on sale. Why pay full price for anything at GAP?

Total skirts from GAP: 8 (Actually, 9... I have a thick, black and white, wool, tweed skirt that I wear in the fall and winter. It's in storage.)

Had lunch today with my friends at Kalachandji's. It was my second time to eat there this week.

At Murray Street for an afternoon pick me up. Check out that skirt. Check out that golden beer... wish I could.

Getting ready for CityArts... gotta hustle the muscle.
¿Podemos hacerlo? ¡Sí, podemos!


Milkshake said...

Props to the project. I just wish I had been following this since day one.
Good luck.

Molly said...

You lood great in skirts. (Could I imagine you wearing anything else??) Kalachandji's must be a staple for you. Make that 3 times this week! (or do weekends not count..?)