June 28, 2007

Skirt 44

I had a flat tire this morning. Took care of it at Ross Discount Tire for $7!

This is white skirt #2 out of 4 total. It's from Charlotte Ruse and was SUPER cheap. I think I paid $20 or $30 dollars for it. It's got all the details that I love in skirts: flowers, embroidery, tucks and ruffles. I had to buy a large because they were out of mediums and it was so pretty and cheap, I didn't want to pass it up. So, I took it to Young's Tailors and got it altered for $6. It doesn't exactly line up in the front, but at least it doesn't fall off and I could get rid of that safety pin clasp.
Even though it's STILL pouring rain, I am wearing white for xXx event tonight. I'm so excited to see these kids and hear all about their experience these past four weeks. Everyone will be in black and white, so get ready for a costume change later on in the day...
It got so crazy today, the only thing I was able to change was my shoes... It's funny how uncomfortable flats can get after a while.

So the xXx function went soooo well. I am so impressed with what this kids have accomplished. At such a young age, all of them spoke (in front of an audience, many of them strangers) to a person or people who have impacted their lives and/or make them happy. As an adult, I know that I do not spend enough time thanking my friends and family for all that they do, let alone compliment them, and tell them how special they are to me and why. It takes a lot of courage, and many tears were shed, but I am so proud of them. They inspire me to not hold back and let others know how I really feel about them. I think we could all learn from them. A better world, starts with happy people. Thanks xXx for sharing with me and for letting me be a part of your summer.
Skirt Lady

Some of my heroes...

In black are the other leaders of xXx. Y'all did a GREAT job! Thank you for letting me be a part of this program.
Great picture Nancy!

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