June 26, 2007

Skirt 42

Back to the grind... Finally home. But, there is a lot to consider and mull over... I feel like it's been so long since I've been back... I actually forgot to take a skirt shot in the car this morning!

Today's skirt is a great skirt. It's very feminine and lacy. Lot's of detail at the bottom. I bought it at Anthropologie in NYC last March while shopping with Marisa near Union Square Park. It was on sale and so pretty. I love it! I wore it while I was there for my presentation at the National Art Education Association conference. It turned cold and snowed that day. I couldn't walk in my boots with the little kitten heel, so I had to stop and buy some snow boots at Macy's. What a day! (That was the day I fell in the snow, walking arm in arm with my BFF!) Good times.

Rain, rain, go away! It's so rainy here. That's why it took me 5 hours to get home last night. And actually,the forecast calls for rain all week. My friend Adina came to see me at work today and took this skirt shot. It reminds me of the Morton Salt Girl, another Chicago icon. I love salt.
Speaking of salt, I had dinner with my BFF tonight. It was great to catch up. I miss my friends.
I'm definitely back at work (sigh)...

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Anonymous said...

*muffled thud*

Good memories!