November 14, 2007

TCB skirt

Time to TCB today! TCB stands for Taking Care of Business. I learned that at Graceland 2 years ago, and it has since become my mantra when the mountain seems to high to climb...

Today's Mountain...
1. Grades are due tomorrow.
2. We still have to string 1,000 cranes with the full cooperation of my students.
3. Try to stay calm and cool.
4. Oh, and there is no water at my place.

Skirt 7.
At least the pool is full and functioning again, AND my friend Laura is engaged!
Yay! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S chica bonita!

1 comment:

laurakathleen said...

Thank you Chica!!!! I can't wait to come down there to visit you! I'm sending you much love and kisses - can you feel the good energy flowing your way? Have a wonderful TCB day! Love ya, Laura