November 5, 2007

Skirt 38 - ¡Feliz cumpleaños mi gran hermano!

Any guesses as to why I wore this skirt today???
Could it have something to do with 38???

¡Feliz cumpleaños mi hermano!
Te amo mucho
Skirt 38! or Thirty great!

Cutting paper for Geography Week next week, the entire school is learning about countries in Asia. In art we are learning about Japan.

I teach the whole school, so we are making Japanese fans, scrolls, and 1,000 origami cranes. Actually the 1,000 cranes was my brother's idea (the same brother with the birthday today). He's a teacher too! In fact, he was teacher of the month last month, but I could have told them that he was great a LONG time ago.

I had heard the story of Sadako and the thousand cranes, but to see them strung and hanging is extremely beautiful. I learned that 1,000 cranes symbolize peace, and when you fold each one you are supposed to make a wish...
I'm getting really good at folding cranes.

My kids are doing a great job, even though some of them don't think we can make it happen...

Only 870 more to go!

Later that evening on the Malecon, I was looking for an interesting shot for my brother...

A sand sculpture of a monkey with sunglasses riding an iguana is pretty tacky...
P E R F E C T !

But wait! Here comes a hundred girls in red skirts, marching, jumping and dancing!

Woo hoo! Girl Power!
Hooray (again) for skirts!
Hooray for birthdays!
Hooray for big brothers!

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