November 16, 2007

Asian Inspired Skirt

I've mentioned already that it's Geography Awareness Week. The entire school has been studying countries of Asia. Today, we are going to display all of the class projects and the kids are going to perform some dances that they have been working on all week. Everyone was encouraged to wear "Asian dress." IF, I were in Texas, I know exactly which skirt I would wear, except that I didn't bring it with me.

Today's Asian inspired skirt is Skirt 47. My skirt and blouse were made in India, and my shoes were made in China.

Can you see some of our cranes behind me?

Today I learned that Geography Awareness Week is actually advocated through National Geographic. The kids did a great job and there was such great energy! From Russian dancing to oral reports on Nepal to a Burmese fashion show, the assembly was excellent, complete with iced green tea and Chinese fortune cookies.

Below are some of the projects and skirts from today's
Asian Assembly.

This is Nancy's skirt from Comercial. Comercial is my neighborhood grocery store and it's a bit like Target in the US. Every year they pick a foreign country and sell imported food, clothes and furniture. This year is Thailand and this is one of the skirts that they sold. I'd secretely had my eye on it, but I convinced myself that I didn't need another skirt. Though it would have been fun to be twins... And look! I totally didn't see the T-shirts! How cute!

The 5th grade girls performed a very graceful Thai dance. The nails and sarrongs were a great touch.

Here are some of the 1st graders Japanese inspired scrolls.

The kindergartners learned about India this week. This is a colored macaroni mandala that they made together as a class. Some of the girls in the yoga class performed today too. They were so cute in their downward dog and tree poses chanting Om.

I am inspired...

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