November 13, 2007

Skirt 37

Skirt 37 is an oldie but goodie. No matter how I feel, I feel better when I wear this skirt. It's made from colorful scraps of antique Sari fabric, and it's reversible, check out Skirt 48. I wonder if I switch it in the middle of the day if anyone would notice...?

My skirt was made in India, and this is geography week after all. In fact, most of my favorite skirts are made in India...

I receieved 9 compliments on my skirt this morning.

Everyone needs a tabula rasa...

And a fan for this heat!
And, no one noticed I changed to the other side of the skirt in the middle of the day...

Anyway, Yay! We finished the cranes... I stopped counting, but we have well over 1,000. Now, we have to string them all.

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