July 3, 2007

Skirt 47

Another wrap around, today's skirt is a little more formal. I've only worn it once before: Legends 2006. The parties are centered around hot colors in the fashion industry. Last year's was "Black and white with a strike of malachite." (eyes rolling.) I probably could have made do with something that I had and some of my mom's jewelry, but it sounded like a good excuse to go shopping. I bought this skirt on sale at Anthropologie last August. I like the printed plaid chiffon on top of the jade green lining. It's very pretty, flouncy and feminine. It has a navy blue satin ribbon that ties on the side. I wonder why I don't wear this skirt more?

This year's Contemporary Legends
artist ~ Roger Winter
arts professional ~ William B. Jordan
arts patrons ~ Cindy and Howard Rachofsky

Be hip in hot pink.

I realize that I may be getting a little bit lazy with my skirt shots... Some opportune moments passed me by today.

1. I turned in my letter of resignation. (Would have been a great shot with my letter.)
2. I went out to eat with a dear friend... a cute place called Two Sisters, I ate the salmon WRAP sandwich.
3. I went out for girl's night with Kate, Katie and Anna. What were we celebrating? Ourselves... my freedom. :-)

Half-pints! How cute!


Naomi said...

I like this skirt! Just sayin' hello sister! Muah!

Daniel said...

congrats on quitting! I saw this great two bedroom in Lincoln Park... Also, free lunch at Gloria's wednesday the 11th. Call me.

Daniel said...

Congrats on quitting! I saw this great 2 bedroom flat for rent in Lincoln Park, but I need somebody to split the rent... Also, free lunch at Gloria's next wednesday, the 11th. Call me?