July 14, 2007

Saturday Skirt...

Saturday Skirt is NOT from the original 60, but if you've been following Skirt Project, maybe you have guessed that I have more than 60 skirts. I think I'm at 66 now. So, here's the deal... Since I've started Skirt Project people are starting to give me skirts. I love that! I don't want it to end. Skirt Project is going in a different direction, and rightly so as my life is also going in a different direction. As for Skirt Project, stay tuned for more information. I've got to sort out some details first.

Today's skirt is from Pam, a very sweet, smart woman who I met about a month ago. Pam is a hardworker, has a huge heart and is a free spirit: an amazing woman after my own heart. This is one of two skirts that she has chosen for me to wear.

I love today's skirt because it is so bright and colorful. It's decorated with sequences of sequins and reminds me of Fiesta! in San Antonio. I love the big pink butterfly on the skirt, because butterflies symbolize change and Skirt Project has created a significant transformation in my life. I'm considering taking a job in Mexico... life is funny, isn't it?

Ya' did good Pam!

Happy Hour with the ladies! Me, Jackie and Kate. Kate is wearing a beautiful silk skirt from Gap. I was admiring it that night, and she shared a little history about it.
See! Every skirt does have a story! We ate at Fireside Pies on Knox Henderson. I used to work there. The food is A M A Z I N G! Everytime I go there, which is not that often, it's like coming home.

Isn't my skirt so pretty?

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pam said...

Thanks so much for your sweet compliments! I'm so happy you like your skirt. (I was told it fit!!) It spoke to me and told me it was yours!
It's a happy skirt for kicking up your heels for your new adventure! (and love) I heard you were wearing it and I thought "Yay she likes it!"