July 18, 2007

Skirt 60

This is NOT the final skirt!

Today's skirt is from Anthropologie, which I purchased three years ago. I know that this skirt also came in a bright lemon yellow. However, yellow is not my best color, so I opted for this dusty rose instead. This skirt has beautiful tucks at the top and crocheted doilies at the bottom and around the thigh area. This skirt reminds me of my huelita, because she was so feminine. She also crocheted beautiful doilies, camisas and bedspreads. She was so industrious, and lived a very long life. Although she was from Monterrey, Mexico, I am SO excited to discover more of our culture.

I leave in less than a month!

Taking care of my girl Moxie... she's getting a check up.


Getting c r a z y at Central Market.
I can't help it...

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