July 9, 2007

Skirt 51

At my storage unit... Man! Do I have a lot of c r a p!

The last of the wrap skirts, today's skirt is from H & M. I bought it about this time last summer while I was staying in D.C. Much like here in Texas, we were plagued by rain, so many of our programs at the Smithsonian were often cancelled. No problem! I would much rather explore and shop anyway.

Today's skirt was purchased in Georgetown for $6.99. It's a little too big today, which is funny because it fit just fine last summer. The fabric is a beige poplin cotton with tiny gray, white and blue stripes. On the side is a long sash that ties into a big bow on the side, kinda like a present.

I don't wear this skirt often for a couple of reasons.
1. It's 100% cotton, has a LOT of fabric and is a pain to iron! (And that's coming from someone who loves to iron... I kid you not.)
2. I can't figure out what to wear on top, because there is so much fabric. I don't want to look like a balloon.

I feel like a bundle of laundry today, but I've already gotten three compliments. :-)
Maybe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow??

I passed my EXAM!!! There is hope! I'm so relieved... whew!
AND, I talked to my boss today... at least that's over with.

Just gotta keep keeping on...

At Border's, in the travel section...

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