July 13, 2007

Skirt 55

This is my interview skirt. I wore it on two interviews last year. I got one of the jobs, but not the other... I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's Friday the 13th, and I don't need to be anymore superstitious than I already am. BUT things always work out for a reason.

Today's skirt is from Target and is part of a suit. I have another skirt for the same blazer which I have worn already - Skirt 9. Anyway, this skirt is a simple black pencil skirt that hits right at my knees with a front slit on the left leg. It's a little revealing when I sit down, but what are you going to do? I feel very professional and mature in this skirt, and that’s all that matters this morning.

Wish me luck! Or should I say, buena suerta...

Hey Daniel!
I need help... the site blows. It's 7 pm, and I still haven't registered for my test. I gotta go! I have a date. BUT it was so great to talk to you today!


At the Arlington Museum of Art, in front of Wes Heiss' sculpture "Suburban" (2005), we made our first Skirt Project film! When not acting in my blog, or being art, it can also function as a professional-grade parade float, complete with sturdy D-rings.

Thank you Leslie for your wonderful direction.

(warning: 38 megabytes!)

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deenst said...

Yea for you! You lokk fantastic in your skirt, but when you reveal your winning personality, anyone could see what an asset you would be to their institution.I'm thinking good thoughts at you!