July 10, 2007

Skirt 52

When I first got up this morning I wasn't too excited to wear today's skirt, but it's actually not that bad. I bought this skirt when I first started teaching in 2003. I can't believe I used to wear this skirt with pantyhose! Did you know that DISD makes teachers wear them during certain months? Can you believe that? Is this America? No woman should ever HAVE to wear pantyhose.

This 100% silk skirt is from Loehman's or Ross, or some other discount store. It's Max Studio and kind of looks like leopard print. (Which I'm not too crazy about. I never got into the whole animal print thing.) Instead it has a black and khaki vine print, which is just fine and conservative enough for me. Yes, surprise... sometimes I am a conservative dresser. It's got an elastic waist, which is great. (Maybe I'll eat a big lunch AND dinner.) I like the way that this skirt moves when I walk. It's cut on the bias and pieced together to create a nice A-line shape and subtle flow.
On my lunch break, I went to Riverchon Park off of Maple Avenue. I wanted to get my skirt in motion...

I didn't know Riverchon Park was a WPA project! How cool is that?

My dad used to take me to this park when I was a little girl. It's changed a lot. What I remember most is the rocket slide. It was the coolest in the world! It was all spirally, metal and it was so tall; all in the shape of a rocket. Good times.

I feel like buying a vintage skirt. Maybe it's because Skirt Project is coming to an end soon? On my way back from a meeting, I stopped at Ahab Bowen. I love this store, I've been shopping there since high school.

I love this manequin's skirt!

What do you think? White satin with fringe on the bottom?

I was a ceramics major in undergrad for a while, and I worked at a paint your own pottery place for a while. I would have loved to wear this skirt. Who am I kidding, I wouldn't have worn something this cool then...

Maybe something simple like this blue and white gingham number?

Or maybe plaid sorbet?

Or this hot Chinoise number?

Too bad the cool skirts were all too small. If only my waist was 20".... Hmmm. Maybe they'll fit around my thighs...

There is nothing better than a cold hefeweizen on a hot afternoon. Ahhhh.... Day drinking!

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